Popular Pokemon GO player FleeceKing is the subject of online abuse and death threats

Many users have jumped to his defence!

FleeceKing, the first Pokemon GO player to achieve Level 50, has spoken out about being abused online and expressed his despair after receiving death threats. The popular content creator who goes by his Twitter username @ItsFleeceKing shared the news via his account and many fans of the game have jumped to his support on the matter.

The player expressed that he is extremely hurt by the comments

The Australian-based Twitch streamer and Pokemon Go player was the first to crack the Level 50 milestone, which he did in January 2021. The player is also very active on social media, and even very recently appreciated the community to be one of the best in the world and how it has changed and shaped his life for the better.

However, along with online recognition come the trolls. The player was subject to abuse online since the day, but many trolls have taken this far with the death threats directed at him recently. The comments he shared included lines such as “get a job”, “go ahead with suicide”, and more demeaning messages, which hurt the player.

Following this, the user shared how hurt he is and announced that he will be taking a break. In support of the creator, the players in the comments backed him up on this, saying that no one should treat someone like that over a video game.

Pokémon GO New Raid Battles Feature
Image via Niantic

The reason for the abuse is almost every aspect, including popularity, as well as the ongoing controversy surrounding raid battles, which the streamer went to the platform to offer his thoughts on. Nonetheless, this is disgraceful behavior, which the players should avoid at all costs.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon GO player getting abused online and death threats? Do let us know in the comments below!

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