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Postknight 2: The sequel to the popular RPG is set to release globally this December

Collect every item, armour, weapon, and memory from all over the world of Prism

Postknight 2, the sequel to Postknight, which was a critically acclaimed indie RPG game, is now open for pre-registration for Android and iOS. Postknight 2 entered early access earlier this year in March and is scheduled for a global release on December 2nd, 2021. Kurechii did a pretty good job with Postknight, which was the reason behind its success, and fans of the first game have a lot to be excited about with this sequel.

Gameplay Overview

The original game in the series had players playing as a Knight tasked with difficult deliveries in a colorful and magical world. It won multiple awards and is a fan favorite. The sequel is set seven years into the future and adds a lot newer content to refresh the original game. The original game has a bunch of different elements and is full of content. 

Postknight 2 release
Postknight 2 pre-registration

The main objective is still the same. The protagonist starts out as a rookie and he fights a bunch of different monsters on his quest to deliver packages across different regions in the world. Along the way, he also forms relationships with the people he meets. 

Postknight 2 pre-registration: How to get rewards

There’s a bunch of pre-registration rewards too that players will get in-game once it releases. As the pre-registrations in the game hit the following numbers, the players will get the corresponding rewards: 

  • 100,000: 1000 Coins 
  • 300,000: 30 Crystal Gems 
  • 500,000: 5000 Coins
  • 700,000: 7 Refresh Tickets 
  • 1,000,000: 100 Crystal Gems 

Players can pre-register at the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Postknight 2 will release officially this early December. Interested players can also get more information related to Postknight 2 from the official website of the game.

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