Project ER: Nexon’s upcoming game will enable players to participate in 24-hour siege battles

One-day long siege battles on the way!

With cross-platform gaming striking thunder across the industry, Twitter has been taken on by a storm. Therefore, Nexon has recently announced a cross-platform sports game, Project ER. Nexon said that they will enable players to participate in 24-hour siege battles with Project ER. This lets enthusiastic gamers participate in the large venture in a totally unique way.

Nexon is thinking of bringing this cross-platform game under one channel. Therefore, developers need to brush up on gaming development in the upcoming years. For sure, It will be developed over the next few years. Moreover, two other cross-platform games are also soon to be launched by Nexon.

Project ER: All we know so far

Project ER presents a fantasy world with a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set. Currently, there are not many disclosures about the storyline or the gameplay. As we know, there will be a base that can be occupied by anyone. The gamer needs to conquer the fortresses with strongholds and defensive prowess.

There exists a limitation that there are limited resources and even the possibility of unexpected terrain. It will be difficult for the teams to make strategic decisions and survive the large-scale sieges for a long time of 24 hrs. But, Project ER cannot be called a top-notch live 24-hour siege, as per the information disclosed so far. To be fair, the teaser or trailer boasts stunning graphics and engaging battles.

The game contains outclass visuals, vibrant and different classes of characters are all included. This game is ready to make a mark with its entry into the gaming industry, with its best graphics mode on. Therefore, it is the trick of engaging the player base with more graphics, as the gameplay is not much known.

The suspense is still on

To break down the silence, Nexon won’t help the community. To get ahead of all the updates, one can check out their official website. By far, this is the best overview that Nexon has provided to us. One must be ready to live the 24-hour gameplay of siege battles with crazy graphics onboard in Project ER. 

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