Project MUGEN gameplay leak shows a satisfying combat system

Project MUGEN's gameplay just got leaked and it looks amazing!

Project MUGEN is a new urban open-world game brought to you by NetEase Games. Recently, a clip featuring the gameplay and combat system of the game, Project MUGEN got leak Bilibili and it is only fair to say that the gameplay looks very soothing to the eye. The game when released will be made available on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation.

The gameplay looks smooth and very well optimized for all specified platforms

As per the leaks shared on Bilibili, it is fair to say that the gameplay comes across as very well-optimized for running on the platforms it will be available on, the reason being how smooth it runs, there is hardly any glitch and every move seems to be fitting well with the pixels. Of course, the device configuration of players will also play a huge part in delivering a smooth gaming experience but still considering the devices meet the specs required the game looks very well optimized to be running on mobile devices.

The game was announced by NetEase Games recently, however not much information is available as of now regarding the project. The game being an open-world title is only going to compound the fun and excitement the game will offer. Many fans and players across the internet have already started to label Project MUGEN as the Anime version of the GTA series, with the game providing a detailed and well-interactive world in the game with many interactive NPCs that make the open world appear more lively. Combine the open-world depth with the fluid gameplay, this game is only going to get better.

The animations, physics, combat system, character design, and open world look very promising and on point, the game From our first preliminary analysis looks very well-equipped with everything a game of this genre would need to succeed in the market. There have been many releases in the open-world genre but most of them failed because they lacked something from the bunch stated above, however, Project MUGEN from the looks of it could be “that” title in the genre.

Project MUGEN combat system draws a comparison from the likes of Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy

Project MUGEN’s combat system from first look, appears to be very similar to other hit anime titles, namely Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy. These comparisons are huge, since both the titles, Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy deliver premium gameplay owing to their advanced animations and well-developed combat systems. The combat system and player mechanics of Project MUGEN could be ranked somewhere between both, Genshin Impact and Tower of Fantasy.

Project MUGEN gameplay
Image via NetEase games

With so much on offer, it is obvious that the game is well-awaited, however not much is known about the release date of the game just yet. As always we will keep an eye out for the details which will be further shared regarding the game by the developers and will let the players know about the details as soon as available. The game, Project MUGEN will be available on Mobile, PC, and PlayStation once released.

What are your thoughts on the Project MUGEN gameplay leak clip released on Bilibili? Let us know in the comments below!

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