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Project MUGEN is NetEase Games’ upcoming urban open-world title coming to Mobile, PC, and PS4/5

With cross-platform feature

NetEase Games has announced an exciting new urban open-world game known as Project MUGEN, which will get a worldwide release as a full free-to-play title. From the overview and the first reveal shared, the game showcases a vibrant urban world packed with action, which screams interest of the highest order.

Not many details regarding Project MUGEN have been revealed yet

As per the details revealed, the game is developed by NetEase Games as a transnational project alongside the newly established game studio Naked Rain, a subsidiary of video game development studio Thunder Fire.

The game is set in a world similar to Earth, but here, humans live alongside supernatural beings, and players step into the roles of mythical beings called the Infinite Trigger. Players are tasked to solve mysteries, enjoy urban life, and make strong bonds with companions. As players progress, they’ll search for lost memories, face challenges in various cities, and uncover the secret to saving the world.

Visual aesthetics is a huge plus here. The art from the first looks of the game is something that piques the interest of fans, seemingly resembling a 2D style of art with 3D graphics where they can engage in a free combat system with four characters. Each character possesses a core movement skill like parkour, swinging, or wall-climbing.

Project MUGEN gameplay
Image via NetEase games

Some characters in the game will boast distinctive travel abilities aligned with their identities, such as riding a special war hammer. Players can further seize opportunities by intercepting and riding city vehicles, which is the fun of exploration. One of the standout features will be dynamic environment interaction, which will help the open exploration gameplay more enjoyable, thanks to a vast map.

Project MUGEN will also have cross-platform functionality, enabling gamers to connect and enjoy the game seamlessly across different devices and platforms. So upon release across Mobile, PC, and PS4/5 platforms, this feature will certainly be something to look out for.

Players can pre-register for Project MUGEN via their official website

Players can now pre-register for Project MUGEN via their official website via email, which as of now is closing in on 40,000 registrations. Details regarding the game will be then sent to your email. Currently, we do not have any particular information regarding the release date. Players can keep an eye on the game’s official website and social media platforms for more updates.

As a final thought, we all agree that free roaming in a game is always interesting, and given that the game is coming to mobile, the endless possibilities of the features it can introduce are a big deal, including crossplay. Everything that is shown in the reveal is breathtaking, from visual effects to narration. The promise has been built, and now we await for the game to deliver that promise.

What are your thoughts on the Project MUGEN title by NetEase Games which will be an upcoming urban open-world title with the cross-platform feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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