Propnight: The acclaimed 4v1 horror game soon to release on mobile

Enjoy this physics-based 4v1 multiplayer horror game on Android and iOS soon

Game publisher MyTona has announced that the highly acclaimed game Propnight will be making its way to mobile as it is currently being developed for release on Android and iOS. 

The news came from the developer’s official Facebook page where they were announcing the game’s open beta test for PC users via Steam. At the end of the statement, they wrote “And that is not all news for today! We are developing the mobile version of PROPNIGHT! The release date will be announced later. Stay tuned!”

What Propnight is all about

For audiences that are not familiar with Propnight, it is a physics-based 4v1 multiplayer horror game that takes heavy inspiration from Dead By Daylight but with varying degrees of PropHunt bias. The gameplay involves trying to flee from a dangerous and insidious assassin. The fights are in the form of a 4v1 format where teenagers can take the shape of objects in trying desperately to escape the monster who will stop at nothing to kill them. 

In Dead by Daylight, the monster knocks down its victims and afterward, takes them to the torture chair where another player will have to sneak around and try to restore the generators by tapping on the appropriate buttons on time. Propnight, on the other hand, offers first-person gameplay.

Propnight mobile release
Propnight gameplay ( Image via MyTona)

Turning into an object causes the camera to enter third-person mode. Doors can be closed shut in the game but not all of them. The role of the game’s co-op is not exactly clear. Propnight has some pretty incredible graphics as seen on the Steam version and we hope the developers will treat the mobile version to a similar standard. 

When will Propnight mobile globally release

Propnight is scheduled to launch for PC on November 30. However, there is still no release date for the mobile version yet but certainly, we’ll be getting one soon. 

Are you excited about the mobile release of Propnight? Did you sign up for the pre-registration yet? Do let us know in the comments!

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