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PUBG Mobile announces Gladiator’s Odyssey, an event for players from the Americas

A chance to prove yourself a gladiator in the American region

PUBG Mobile has announced an Americas-only event called Gladiator’s Odyssey. The tournament will open its doors from tomorrow, September 27. Registration for the event has already begun on September 25 and will run till October 2. Things will get hotter as there will be two community events for Gladiator’s Odyssey taking place together to give everyone a chance to win more prizes.

About PUBG Mobile Gladiator’s Odyssey

For those who don’t know what it is, Gladiator’s Odyssey is an in-game event where players compete against the respective region’s PUBG Mobile community members to achieve fame, glory, and rewards. The event also acts as a platform from where players can gain honor, rank up, and most importantly, prove to those around them they are to be feared on the battlefield.

How to participate

Players will need to submit screenshots of them taking part in the event. They have to submit the images on social media – Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook – in a public post with the event hashtag #PUBGMGladiator. That is all a participant needs to do to participate in the event.


The authority will select four winners each day. Each of the four winners will receive $25 in UC or the cash equivalent. This prize pool doesn’t have any connection to the prizes of the “Rise to Glory” event.

PUBG Mobile Gladiator’s Odyssey event
PUBG Mobile Gladiator’s Odyssey event

PUBG Mobile Rise to Glory event: What is it about

It’s another regional competition for the North American players to go along with the in-game ranking of the Gladiator’s Odyssey event. Anyone from the region can sign up for the event here. Players will have to submit their in-game name and UID through this Google Form. Players can sign up for this event at any time from September 25 to October 2.


The period of this event is set to take place from September 27 and will come to an end on October 3. Any signed-up player will not need to sign up again and can participate in each day of the event if they want to. It’s a hassle-free process.

Again, the event is player-friendly, so players do not have to compete every day to stay eligible for the event. Participants will have their rank and the management will compare a player’s rank vs the ranks of all those who have signed up to compete in the regional event daily.

Prize pool

The tournament will award participants by providing daily rewards throughout the tournament period. And, after the end of the event, players who managed to stay on the top ten rankings will also get rewards. The rewards are as follows-

Daily Rewards

  • Top 1 – 1800UC
  • Top 2-3 – Permanent Outfit
  • Top 4-10 – Esports Crate

Final Rewards

  • Top 1 – $1000
  • Top 2-3 – $500
  • Top 4-10 – $100

PUBG Mobile Rise to Glory event rules and important notes

  • Players can enter multiple submissions for the “Welcome to the Arena” portion of this event. But, if they got selected as a winner, all other entries will be disqualified.
  • Players can participate the next day after they register. For example, those who register on Day 1 will be able to participate in the Day 2 competition. Day 2 rankings will be posted after the day ends, at 12 p.m, based on Day 2 performance.
  • Players will face a ban if found guilty of using multiple social media accounts in an attempt to win multiple rewards. They will be disqualified from the event and banned from all future events.

What are your thoughts about the PUBG Mobile Gladiator’s Odyssey event? Let us know in the comments below!

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