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PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event: Here’s how to get UMP45 Precise Machinery and Ski Champ Set skin for free

Complete the missions and get the gun skin and the outfit

PUBG Mobile often brings new events for its player base all around the globe. These events come with exciting in-game assets such as a parachute, backpack, gun skins, etc. One of these ongoing events in PUBG Mobile is the Contamination Source event. This event is very simple to play and anyone can easily complete the requirements and get lucrative rewards. The current Contamination Source event is giving a UMP45 skin named Precise Machinery and a Ski Champ Set skin for free. The event started on 15th October 2021 and will run till 14th November 2021. Moreover, players can claim the skin way before the event ends if played tactfully.

PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event

Like all other PUBG Mobile events, this event is also limited for a period of time as well. Started on 15th October 2021, the event will run till 14th November 2021 (UTC+0). What players need to do in this event is to complete daily missions and challenge missions every day during the event to get a certain amount of Research Supply Token and Research Chip.

The Obtained research samples can be used to research the Contamination Source which increases the server’s progress. In the end, players can claim specified rewards when server research progress targets are reached and exchange the Research Supply Token obtained from the event in the redemption shop for great rewards.

Missions to complete in this event

Players have to complete Daily missions and Challenge missions to collect Research Supply Token and Research Chip. These Research Supply Tokens can be used to redeem items and Research Chips are for conducting research. The research progress shown in the bottom-left corner is for the whole server, meaning that every player on the server will participate in it to complete it. So, it’s certain that the progress will hit 100% and players will get 550 Research Supply Token for free! Moreover, when a player has any Research Chip in the inventory, just clicking on Research from the event page will conduct one.

PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event
PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event missions

Moving further, the Challenge Missions will take some time to complete, but the Daily ones are easier. Here’s what a challenge mission and daily missions look like. Moreover, do remember that Daily missions are reset each day.

Daily Missions

  • Survive for a total of 15 minutes in Classic Mode – 10x Research Supply Token, 1x Research Chip
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes in the game – 20x Research Supply Token, 1x Research Chip
  • Spend a total of 120 minutes in the game – 40x Research Supply Token, 1x Research Chip
  • Spend a total of 2,000 BP points – 10x Research Supply Token, 1x Research Chip
  • Finish in the top 20 once in Classic Mode – 20x Research Supply Token, 1x Research Chip
  • Daily login – 5x Research Supply Token, 1x Research Chip

Challenge Missions

  • Survive for a total of 400 minutes in Classic Mode – 200x Research Supply Token, 5x Research Chip

Claim lucrative rewards in this PUBG Mobile event

PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event
PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event rewards

The long list of rewards in this event in PUBG Mobile is very lucrative. Here’s what items can be redeemed and how many numbers of Research Supply Tokens a player is going to need.

RewardNumber of Research Supply Tokens neededValidity
Ski Champ Set3000Permanent
Precise Machinery – UMP45UnknownPermanent
Ski Champ Set150030 days
Precise Machinery – UMP45120030 days
Ski Champ Set4507 days
Precise Machinery – UMP453607 days
2x EXP Card- 1 hour15Permanent
2x BP Card- 1 hour15Permanent
1x Classic Crate Coupon Scrap20Permanent
1x Supply Crate Coupon Scrap10Permanent
1x Infinite Power Graffiti10Permanent
1x Pink Lightning Graffiti10Permanent
1x Coin Crate5Permanent

However, the exact number of Research Supply Tokens that can get you any of the permanent skins is not yet known. But as the Outfit costs only 3000, there’s a great chance of the price being between 2500-3000 tokens. After the UMP45 skin is unlocked, we can say it for sure.

How to buy tokens and redeem items in this event

Redeeming any of the above-mentioned items is very much easy in this event. You need to just go to the event page from the event section and you’ll see your number of tokens at the bottom-right of the screen. Click on it and a page will come showing the rewards. Tap any of them which you want to claim. Moreover, you can buy tokens from the same reward page.

What are your thoughts on the PUBG Mobile Contamination Source event which will give out Precise Machinery UMP45 and Ski Champ Set skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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