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BGMI: How to be a pro sniper and get One shot, One kill

Be the pro sniper in BGMI

Guns that are used for sniping are considered the best ones among any of the guns present in a shooting game but this is only true when the player knows how to use those guns. Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) is a multiplayer shooting game that provides some top-notch sniping guns to enhance a players’ Battle Royale experience. But, are those guns handled by all? Well, No. Many players still want others to call them snipers of their squad as snipers can kill the opponent with just a few shots. But, they lack practice, skills and they don’t prefer picking up snipers.

BGMI sniping practice
BGMI sniping practice

Now, a sniper aspiring player will, certainly, want his squad to call him while they are looting a drop and insist the player take the most popular gun AWM. Also, it feels great when the whole squad praises a player for his sniping. So, they aren’t far apart from their dream as this article is all about how to be a pro sniper. Read on and start practicing as reading only and not practicing won’t work as perfection needs practice.

Moreover, a player should not practice in a cheer park as other players disturb a lot. So, there is a training ground within the cheer park. A player should go there for better practice. Also, when the player is done with the training ground then he should practice in snipers training as there he could find real enemies with different levels of skills. Eventually, the player’s sniping skills will also improve.

Things to keep in mind while Sniping

Sniping is mostly best done by those players who have good aiming skills and he has speed in their actions in BGMI. These two skills are only the most important ones for sniping. Perfect accuracy and good reaction time are the secondary things but the aforementioned skills are important.

For example, if a player’s action isn’t fast enough but he can aim so he will slowly open his scope and find the enemy and within that time the enemy might knock him. Also, if a player’s action is fast but aiming skills are worse then if he rapidly spots the enemy but he won’t be able to knock him as he may miss his aim. So, it’s better to improve the aim and speed of a player. 

BGMI sniper dual peek
BGMI sniper dual peek

Next, is that the player should practice with 4x, 6x, and 8x in the training ground. In the training, every weapon and scopes are available so most players choose the best gun that is AWM and an 8x for practice. Also, it happens many. time while playing Battle Royale that AWM and 8x aren’t available so in that case player will use different snipers. Therefore, a player should have a practice with every sniper, Kar-98, M24, AWM, and every scope, 4X, 6x, 8x. 

Further, It is recommended to take dual peeks while spotting the enemy. That is because dual peeks do not allow the enemy to take headshots easily on the player. A player should take dual peeks and get back to the cover.

Things to avoid while Sniping

The next question is what a player shouldn’t be doing while sniping in BGMI? Well, there are some very common mistakes that people generally do so read on to rectify your mistakes. 

Many players peek, then they open their scope and find the enemy. This action of a player can provide an advantage to the opponent and the opponent can kill the player in seconds. Therefore, a player should not give their enemy a chance to kill him even when he is in a house or a cover. The best thing a player should try in this situation is that he should first spot the enemy while taking a cover and moving the eagle eye button. As soon as he spots the enemy, he should peek a little, open the scope, aim and then shoot. Also, this action should be fast as mentioned above that aim and speed is important for sniping. 

Next is that a player should not use only snipers in the game. It happens that when a sniper is in his learning phase, he takes his sniper and has an attitude that tells him to kill every enemy with sniping guns only. But, the approach is wrong. He should have a short or mid-range gun and sniping one. After this, he should take snipers only when he has to kill an enemy who is far away. This is because if he misses a single shot and the gun starts reloading then the opponent will have a good time shooting the player with his Auto gun.

How to get the best sensitivity settings for sniping in BGMI

A good sensitivity setting is the one thing that every player searches for. Either on Social Media or Blogs but they should understand that the people whose settings they are looking are their own. So, every player should adjust their sensitivity on their own because it will be according to their preferences and that will be the best one for them. Therefore, read on to know the correct method of adjusting sensitivity setting. A little effort can make a player’s gameplay good as compared to the gameplay before the adjusted sensitivity.

BGMI sensitivity settings
BGMI sensitivity settings

Now, a player should enter the cheer park and then enter the training ground. There he can get any gun and scope and he can try aiming at the board present between the river. If the camera moves perfectly while aiming then the sensitivity is excellent but if not then he should start to adjust. Firstly, he should increase the camera sensitivity setting of the scope he has in his hand and then sees if it is good for him. Also, he should check while decreasing the camera sensitivity of the scope. In this way, he can adjust every scope’s sensitivity, and he will certainly get a perfect sensitivity exclusively for him.

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