PUBG Mobile maker Krafton is working on a new 2D detective mobile game

PUBG universe will be expanding soon

Krafton, a South Korea-based video game development company, has consistently been among the most successful companies in recent years following the release of their superhit game PUBG and its even more successful mobile counterpart, PUBG Mobile. According to the recent job listing by Krafton, it is planning to develop a new 2D detective game.

Rumors and ‘leaks’ for the new game started partly due to the fact that Krafton is looking for a new team of developers with newly specified job descriptions and roles, which implies that they are working to bring a new game into the market. The company is currently on the lookout for people who are proficiently skilled in 2D graphic designing. They’ve also set a preference for those who are adept at scripting game iterations, which basically means that a series course of actions that a game follows.

What the new 2D mobile game from Krafton could look like

The brand new game under development, according to reports, is presumably going to be a 2D story mode RPG, or a Role Playing Game. This conclusion can be drawn from the fact the Krafton is recruiting people qualified in 2D editing, which is the format for basic RPG games, and experts in game iteration, which is a skill used predominantly in story mode games with free choices leading towards a scripted ending. It could be a whole new genre to experience for people who were expecting a battle royale or FPS type of game, and with Krafton’s dedicated player base, it won’t be a surprise if the game breaks records.

It could be a part of PUBG: New State too

A new game in the PUBG franchise has been announced for the mobile platform. The game, PUBG Mobile: New State set to release at the end of 2021 might be under rapid development, as indicated by the apparent recruitments issued by Krafton. The recruitment states the need for staff with an exemplary sense for UI and graphic design, such as colour, layout and direction. Though it hasn’t been confirmed what the job listings are for, it might mean that as stated, PUBG Mobile: New State might be in its final phases or it can also mean that Krafton is currently working on a brand new FPS game with unspecified parameters and an undecided year of release.

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile: New State are the two most anticipated upcoming games from Krafton. Thus, it remains to be seen whether Krafton can hold on to its user base and be successful with the new games they have under development. All in all, it might be a decision that sets the company at even further heights, or it might also set them a path for loss.

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