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PUBG Mobile posted an open letter to the community about Hackers

Be it in the mobile lobby or in the emulators’ lobby, PUBG Mobile hackers are now a big pain for the total PUBG Mobile community. And the PUBG Mobile team is working very hard to make the community free from cheaters. Recently the PUBG Mobile team posted an open letter in the community pointing out the past, present and future initiatives against the hackers or cheaters.

PUBG Mobile team busted some myths about Hackers

While the PUBG Mobile team admits that there are plenty of hackers in the game, they have answered to some most burning questions of the community.

1. Hackers who spend money don’t get banned in PUBG Mobile

This is a common misconception in the community. PUBG Mobile team cleared it out saying that fair play is as important for them. They treat everyone in the same lens irrespective of the money they spend.

2. VIP hacks never get caught

Regardless of the means, every hacker can be caught through the system. There is nothing like VIP cheats or hacks, everything is the same.

3. Tencent makes money out of cheats

On this official note, Tencent cleared it out that they do not make money out of these. And they do not encourage cheating either. They hate hackers as much as the normal players do.

What PUBG Mobile team is currently doing to catch cheaters

PUBG Mobile team had some programmes that would identify abnormal behaviours inside the game. Still, the cheaters are able to avoid these to use hacks in the game. Every time a new update arrives, the developer team implement some anti-hacking measures. However, hackers are also smart enough to find ways and play the game and avoid banns. With time, PUBG Mobile team is slowly removing these cancers out of the game. But for that, the developer team is encouraging the community to come forward and report the abnormal activities.

So what are we doing to catch cheaters? Tencent has a fantastic Game Security Team that is constantly working around the clock to monitor, identify, and remove cheaters in game. The first line of defense against cheating is our systems that scan for suspect software and modified game data. Most cheating software is fairly easy to spot, as we have an enormous library of cheating software and techniques that allow us to catch hackers fairly quickly. We’re constantly adapting these detection efforts as we learn about new software and new methods, and this only gets more effective over time. This is the simplest way to catch cheaters, and one that we are constantly improving.

What is there for the future?

pubg mobile hacks

The PUBG Mobile team plans to interact more with the community to solve this issue. They stated that they have implemented major improvements to catch the hackers with the update 0.15.0. However, they did not reveal much about it because revelling it might create some loops in the process.

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We’ve also made major improvements to our detection methods recently, while they are having a major effect we are actively working on various even more sensitive means of detection on our servers to keep the game cleaner than before

It is a good thing that Tencent is openly confronting their steps against malicious hackers. But how far they can make the community free of cheaters, we will see! While the hackers are trying their best to come up with new techniques regularly, Tencent is working hard with these regular banns.

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