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PUBG Mobile or BGMI M22 Royale Pass Leaks: Upcoming skins and rewards

All you need to know about the upcoming Royale Pass in BGMI!

PUBG Mobile or BGMI in India has completed about a month since its unban in the country and all is going great. BGMI is operated by its parent company Krafton instead of Tencent in India, and they will be bringing the new Royale Pass M22 soon, which has been revealed as per leaks from PUBG Mobile. Before that, let us briefly examine the notable rewards one can earn from this Royale Pass, which is named Moonlight Realm.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Royale Pass M22 Leaks: Moonlight Realm

It should be mentioned that the Moonlight Realm Royale Pass or the M22 Royale Pass has already fulfilled its duration in PUBG Mobile in the month of May, and is, therefore, a delayed arrival in BGMI.

PUBG Mobile BGMI Royale Pass M22
Image via Classified YT

Although the final reward of the Royale Pass is pretty much worth it, the rest of the rewards might appear a bit lacklustre in comparison. Nevertheless, let us take a look at the upcoming rewards, and the rest is up to the players themselves to decide.

1. Rogue Kitty set (RP 1)

Rogue Kitty set
Image via Classified YT

The Rogue Kitty set is the first reward that a player will get on buying the Royale Pass. The outfit is unlocked at level 1 of the Royale Pass. There is no additional headgear attached and thus this alone concludes the whole outfit.

2. Pirate Compass pan (RP 1)

PUBG Mobile BGMI Royale Pass M22 Pirate Compass pan
Image via Classified YT

The Pirate Compass pan is a melee skin that the player will be able to use on their pan once they unlock it. Similar to the Rogue Kitty set, this pan skin will also be unlocked at level 1 of the RP after a player makes their purchase using UC.

3. Golden Glaze grenade (RP 20)

Golden Glaze nade
Image via Classified YT

The next notable reward, that is, another skin unlocks at level 20 of the RP. The skin can be applied on grenades and is called the Golden Glaze skin. It is a Legendary skin.

4. Golden Wings buggy (RP 30)

Golden Wings buggy
Image via Classified YT

The Golden Wings buggy is the first and only vehicle skin in the upcoming rendition of the Royale Pass, that is, the M22 Moonlight Realm. This particular skin is one of the redeeming rewards of the otherwise moderate RP due to its elegant look.

5. Prairie King G36C (Free RP 35)

Prairie King G36C
Image via Classified YT

The Prairie King G36C differs from the other items listed in this article as this is a free reward. But being a gun skin, it is worthy of a mention. The skin will be available for all players free of cost once they reach level 35 after completing RP missions.

6. Bright Sky Groza (RP 40)

Bright Sky Groza
Image via Classified YT

The Bright Sky Groza, unlocked at level 40 of the Royale Pass is a skin for the most deadly close-combat AR in the game. The skin features a gold-plated exterior with aqua-blue features that somehow makes it similar to the Poseidon X-suit theme.

7. Aureate Splendor set (RP 50)

Aureate Splendor set
Image via Classified YT

The Aureate Splendor set is the final and ultimate reward that is a part of the M22 Royale Pass campaign. The said outfit and its respective headgear will both be unlockable in level 50 and will therefore constitute the complete set.

8. Cute Camel SKS (RP Adventure)

PUBG Mobile BGMI Royale Pass M22 Cute Camel SKS BGMI
Image via Classified YT

The Cute Camel SKS will be available for the player to unlock from the RP Adventure in BGMI. The Rp Adventure rewards can be redeemed by participating in the “boardgame”-esque campaign in the events tab where players will get rewards for completing segments of the given path.

9. Secret Fashion set (RP Adventure)

PUBG Mobile BGMI Royale Pass M22 Secret Fashion set
Image via Classified YT

The Secret Fashion set can be acquired from the RP Adventure campaign. Note that the outfit comes separately from the headgear which comes by itself. Therefore, a player can opt to go for both items or settle for only one depending upon their commitment to the cause.


In this article, only the most notable and prominent of the rewards available are listed as the bulk of the items are not standout ones, such as AG rewards or avatars. Also, the RP costs money to purchase, therefore one cannot hope to redeem the rewards for free without investing in the game. The RP can be purchased using UC bought from the store.

What are your thoughts about the M22 Moonlight Realm Royale Pass in BGMI or PUBG Mobile? Does it meet your expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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