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PUBG Mobile Video Review Station: How will this system help the players

Players will review whether to ban a reported player or not

PUBG Mobile is coming up with another new feature to identify and penalize the hackers and cheaters in the game faster and more effectively, the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station. The new system is currently in the testing phase and expected to be rolled out in early September. With the PUBG Mobile New Era update coming on 8th September, we can expect this system to be rolled out with that update only. In this article, we’ll talk about the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station system and how it is going to help the players who stick to the means of fair-play.

What is the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station?

The Video Review Station is part of an anti-cheating system where some PUBG Mobile players review the video footage of a reported player and determine if there is any rule-breaking taking place. In the case of which the majority of players find a clip containing content in violation of the rules, the case will undergo an official review by the PUBG Mobile anti-cheating team. The inspection process is something like this:

  1. A player is reported for suspicious activity by the community or an in-game opponent(s).
  2. A battle replay video is generated from the suspicious player’s perspective.
  3. The video is randomly distributed to multiple player investigators.
  4. Investigators analyze the video w.r.t. whether any fair-play rule is being violated or not.
  5. A majority confirm that the video contains a violation.
  6. The clip goes to the official anti-cheating team for a review. The official team reviews the violation and confirm for/against it.
  7. The cheating player is penalized.

So we can say it is a long process and seems to be effective & fair on-paper. Only time will tell whether this process will actually work or not.

How will players benefit from the new system?

As said by the PUBG Mobile official team, this entire system relies on players. Players who register themselves as ‘investigators’ will be sent videos of reported players for analysing whether they’re actually using unfair and unethical means i.e. hacks and cheats in-game. The majority of the investigators will decide the fate of the reported players themselves, before the official review. So players are given a lot of power and freedom in this new anti-cheating measure, which they must use to their advantage. The official team invited the players to join hands with them in this initiative.

By working together, we can crack down on cheaters and maintain a fair gaming environment. With your help, we can speed up the process of identifying cheaters, better understand the latest cheating methods, and quickly produce strategies to combat them. We hope that many players will join us in becoming investigators and take part in ensuring the continued fairness of this game.


Final thoughts

The PUBG Mobile official team has always spoken highly of giving the players fair and healthy gaming experience. Though the majority of the players have been complaining about hackers and cheaters ruining the fun element of the game, PUBG Mobile has kept introducing new features to support the fair-play system and penalize the players using unethical means. However, the effectiveness of these features has been doubted by the players. Hopefully, the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station will be much more effective in successfully eliminating more hackers and cheaters from the game.

What is your opinion on the PUBG Mobile Video Review Station? Let us know in the comment section below!

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