PuPu’s Adventure Park is coming to Android and iOS in the Summer of 2022

An exclusive demo will be showcased during the Steam Next Fest

PuPu’s Adventure Park, a new park simulator adventure game by Plum Tree Games and Pixmain, will be available for an exclusive demo during the Steam Next Fest ahead of its Android and iOS release in 2022. The first look of PuPu’s Adventure Park is also released with a reveal trailer.

Help PuPu Clan develop an adventure park

Players will be charged with managing the PuPu clan (basically slimes) to develop an adventure park from the ground up in PuPu’s Adventure Park, the most enjoyable yet ‘oppressive’ simulation park players have ever seen.

After obtaining a land lease from the Dark Goblins, players must manage the park, attracting and engaging “heroes” who visit the park, ensuring that the park’s facilities are correctly aligned, and keeping workers satisfied.

PuPu's Adventure Park steam next fest demo
Image via Steam

Players must expand their clan to enlarge their park in the hopes of a major uprising to finally break free from the Dark Goblin’s tyranny.

BuBu, the game producer says “Our team has always loved simulation and survival style games. In these games, we normally encounter the high and mighty warriors/heroes and the weak and meek slimes. PuPus are a clan of slimes, we actually thought that for once…maybe we could turn it around and tell the story from their side. So instead of winning by force or physical strength, is there a way to realize one’s strength through wisdom, hard work, and unity…the way our game unfolds! We want to create a game that is full of love, joy, and parts that can also showcase the best parts of our own gaming experience.

PuPu’s Adventure Park: Game features

  • Manage the adventure park, staff and assign capable PuPus to run newly-built facilities. 
  • Design the park by catering to the “heroes” demands, offering a variety of attractions will allow players to earn rare items they can exchange for upgrades.
  • Run efficient park operations to expand the clan. Unlock special facilities like Weapons Shop, Grocery, and Tailor’s as well as special “customers”.
  • Grow the clan and regain power to rebel against the Dark Goblins.

PuPu’s Adventure Park is coming to iOS and Android in Summer 2022. However, interested fans can definitely check out the game during the Steam Next Fest 2022. Players can download the playable demo from the official website.

What are your thoughts on the first look at PuPu’s Adventure Park? Let us know in the comments below!

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