Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car is out now on Android as Early Access

Racing Fans on Android can get the game for free

Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car, the popular and well-received racing simulator has been released on Android in Early Access. The game was already made available on the App Store a couple of months ago and Yunbu Racing, the group working on this game has finally managed to bring the experience over to racing fans with iOS devices. 

Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car: Not too realistic but pretty fun

The game is built using Unreal Engine 4 and it isn’t the most realistic in terms of gameplay and visuals but the devs did put in the effort to make it look and feel kind of realistic. Players can drive and race around in different cars and on vividly different tracks with different conditions. Overall, the game looks decent with good gameplay that’ll be enjoyable for players who have been looking for racing sims. 

Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car Early Access android
Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car on Google Play Store

Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car does have some pretty cool features like car damage, fully functional rearview mirrors, car customization which includes paint jobs and mechanical improvements, and more. There’s a bunch of different game modes that players can enjoy along with a large arsenal of cars and they can drive around in them in first person or third person mode.  

The game is free on both Android on the Play Store and iOS on the App Store with ads and IAPs. The Android version is still in Early Access, so it is possible that Yunbu Racing might add some features and elements or they might still be testing out features in the game.

Are you excited now about Real Driving 2: Ultimate Car entering Early Access on Android? Let us know in the comments below.

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