Rec Room hosts a prom-themed after-party featuring Ethan Bortnick

Join Ethan for a Virtual Prom-Themed Afterparty!

Ethan Bortnick is hosting a prom-themed after party in Rec Room, the top virtual world, games, and user-generated content platform, to celebrate the release of Prom. Anyone who enters Rec Room today at 11 a.m. PDT can go to prom with Ethan Bortnick as he plays the song as his in-game avatar, greets fans, and watches the Prom music video.

For their avatars, all event attendees will receive a special prom-themed t-shirt. Rec Room created the in-game venue to take gamers to a stunning underwater dancehall equipped with locations for participants to chat, bust a move, pose in the photo booth, and groove to the new song. Rec Room and Ethan Bortnick hope to provide gamers from all over the world with an unforgettable Prom that they will remember for years to come.

Ethan Bortnick shares his senior year experience during a global pandemic in the new track

Ethan Bortnick, a pianist, singer, composer, and producer, has released his powerfully contemplative new track Prom via Columbia Records. The music is a delightfully emotional retelling of Ethan’s senior year experience in the midst of a global epidemic, complete with the feelings he encountered in real-time.

The song begins with gentle piano playing and mild acoustic guitar strumming, then suddenly transitions to powerful drumming and screaming electric guitar, culminating in a thunderous chorus that fades as quickly as it appears audibly.

Speaking on his song, Ethan says, “No prom, no graduation, no license, missing out on dates, feeling like everything is moving too fast. It’s a gradual build to that emotional explosion, and that’s what this song is. “prom” is the culmination of all my frustration for missing out on so many crucial milestones in quarantine, and the culmination of my influences as an artist.”

Along with the song, Ethan stars in a music video created by indie filmmaker Scott Felix and Sunflower Pictures, which pays respect to the sensation of nostalgia for an experience he never had. Some of Ethan’s buddies appear in the video, including Jaden Barba, Noor, and Bryce McKenzie.

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