Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming to be available for Smartphones, set-top boxes, and possibly for PC post 5G launch in India

Indian Giant to introduce cloud gaming soon

Cloud gaming is undoubtedly one of the hottest emerging trends in the gaming industry, and the much-awaited Reliance Jio Cloud Gaming launch could hit the Indian market far sooner than expected. Speaking at a recent Gamescom India Livestream, General Manager of Lead Games Ecosystem, Ashish Gupta dropped several hints regarding the Telecom giants’ foray into the cloud gaming industry. This plan is to be exercised after the 5G launch in India, which might be as soon as this year. This seems to be a big boost to those who love gaming and might bring a larger audience to utilize the best of these services.

Gaming – A rising market in India

The Indian gaming industry is currently valued at around 900 billion dollars and is expected to hit 2 billion dollars by 2022. This coupled with the impact of coronavirus lockdowns forcing people into their homes has seen many people turn to the games as an alternative source of entertainment. The overwhelming majority of Indian gamers are on mobile devices, with 85% of the Indian player base engaging in mobile gaming. There has also been a noticeable uptick in Indian players gaming on PC as well as home consoles. According to Ashish Gupta, Indians aren’t restricting themselves to one particular platform, which is certainly the markets’ biggest strength.

Possible plans for Jio Cloud Gaming

Gupta also hinted that the Cloud Gaming would arrive for three platforms most notably mobile, set-top boxes, and possibly PC. Of course, the former two are the main priority for the telecom giant as they consist of the largest player base in the country.

There were also subtle hint drops for a subscription plan for Jio Cloud Gaming. Gupta believes the notion that Indians do not spend money on games is a complete myth. He points out the popularity of gaming cafes as an example. The cloud service can see a launch before other big guns such as PlayStation and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

We are seeing women and elders also playing games via mobile or set-top boxes. This is why we launched Android set-top boxes that convert any TV into a smart TV so you can play HTML5 or Android games without buying a console or a fancy smartphone or a big screen device.

Ashish Gupta, General Manager, Lead Games Ecosystem

Despite Google Stadia‘s relatively lukewarm response, Cloud Gaming remains a popular emerging trend for the gaming industry along with the globe. With high-speed internet becoming accessible to everyone around the globe and the imminent launch of Tesla’s Starlink technology, not having internet access is certainly a thing of the past, even in developing countries.  Whether Jio Cloud Gaming can become a hit in the Indian market remains obvious, but there’s no denying that the signs are definitely favorable for a successful launch.

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