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Reverse: 1999: List of all Upcoming Characters for Version 1.4 to Version 1.6

Are you excited for these upcoming enigmatic characters?

Picture yourself delving into an immersive journey within an alternative 20th-century universe. You assume the crucial role of elite temporal observers known as Timekeepers. Reverse: 1999 is a meticulously crafted turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Bluepoch.As you advance, you unravel concealed enigmas and secrets. Within this piece, we will delve into the upcoming characters of Reverse: 1999 set to debut in version 1.4 to version 1.6.

Discover different periods, solve puzzles, and engage in exciting battles within the Reverse: 1999 universe. Explore the improvements and events introduced in the 1.3 update, and utilize resources like tier lists, beginner guides, reroll guide, and a currency guide to enhance your gaming experience.

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.4

1. 37

37 is a 6-star support character that excels at providing buffs and enhancing allies’ abilities. Her Numeral Perception buff increases all allies’ attacks, contributing to their damage output. Additionally, Enlightenment empowers the next incantation with increased additional damage, making 37 a valuable asset for teams aiming to boost their overall damage potential.

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37 Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepch

The Triangulation skill adds to her damage-dealing capabilities, inflicting both mental and Genesis damage while stacking Eureka, further enhancing her damage output. 37’s Curve Mapping skill offers crowd control with a mass attack that targets up to two enemies.

This is also granting herself Sturdiness for increased damage reduction. Her versatile support abilities make 37 an excellent choice for teams looking to amplify their damage and maintain control on the battlefield.

2. 6

Character 6 on the other hand, is currently a 6-star intellect-type element character for version 1.4. As such, there seem to be similarities with his appearance with the character 37.

Reverse 1999 6, Reverse 1999 character 6
Image via Bluepoch

6 is a versatile arcanist with a powerful move called “Eternal Revelation” dealing significant mental damage. This attack becomes even stronger when Eureka reaches 6 stacks, enhancing damage for each negative status on the target, up to 4 times.

He also has skills that inflict mental damage and apply buffs or debuffs, adding strategic variety to battles. Upgrades and abilities like purifying and empowering allies provide support. Overall, character 6 offers a mix of offense, strategy, and support in the game.

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.5

1. Ezra Theodore

Ezra Theodore is an upcoming 6-star character with the Star-type element in the 1.6 version of Reverse: 1999. Her unique abilities center around providing support and protection to allies. The “Compassion All-Round” skill grants Moxie and Eureka to all allies, while planting [Honey Fungus] mushrooms that mature and inflict [Weakness] on enemies.

Reverse 1999 Ezra Theodore
Image via Bluepoch

“Protection to the Body” is a debuff attack that sacrifices some HP to deal Mental DMG, planting [Honey Fungus] for strategic benefits. “Stimulus to the Mind” is a buff that shields allies by sacrificing HP and planting [Ghost Fungus], which provides [Discernment] to enhance critical damage.

Ezra’s abilities showcase a selfless and caring nature, making her a valuable asset for both offense and defense in battles.

2. Spathodea

Spathodea is a 6-star character featuring the Beast-type element coming in version 1.5 as well. Flame Within the Fire is a powerful attack as this skill deals 700% Reality DMG with a bonus to Critical DMG, further increasing if the target carries 15 or more stacks of [Burn].

Reverse 1999 Spathodea
Image via Bluepoch

The [Burn] status inflicts damage at the end of the round based on the target’s ATK. “Little Boxer” is a versatile attack that deals Reality DMG and gains a Critical DMG boost if the caster has the [Preignition] status. “Ignition Point” is a self-buff skill that grants [Preignition], [Exhilaration], and a Precast status, setting the stage for powerful follow-up attacks.

This character’s abilities revolve around the theme of fire, combining intense attacks with strategic buffs and debuffs for an engaging gameplay experience.

3. Desert Flannel

You can also anticipate the arrival of Desert Flannel as a 5-star character with the Beast-type element set to debut in version 1.5. She excels as a supportive character in the game, offering substantial healing and buffs to allies through her “beep, plappy!” skill.

Reverse 1999 Desert Flannel
Image via Bluepoch

She can also unleash targeted attacks with “MIXED DOUBLES!” and has a unique counter mechanic in “ONLY FAMILY!” where her electronic pet, Plappy, retaliates against attackers. Overall, Plappy’s gameplay centers on versatile support and occasional surprise attacks.

4. Ulu

We can also expect the upcoming arrival of Ulu, a 5-star character featuring the Mineral-type element, scheduled to make its debut in version 1.5. This character boasts abilities such as “Everlasting Fire, Blazing Heart,” specializing in supporting the team by increasing damage dealt and decreasing damage taken.

Reverse 1999 Ulu
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, the “Opening Ceremony” skill enables targeted damage, particularly effective against foes already in the [Burn] state. With the “Beating Heart” skill, she spreads Mental Damage to multiple targets while adding [Burn] stacks. In essence, gameplay revolves around strategically leveraging the [Burn] status for both offensive and defensive benefits.

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.6

1. Jiu Nangzi

Jiu Niangzi is an upcoming 6-star character in Reverse: 1999 for version 1.6, she wields the formidable Mineral-type element. During the beta phase, she earned a reputation as the strongest character, standing a tier above all others. Jiu Niangzi’s skills showcase her prowess, with “Baijyu and Mayhem” delivering a mass attack dealing 350% Reality DMG to enemies.

Reverse 1999 Jiu Nangzi
Image via Bluepoch

The skill’s potency increases with fewer enemies, and if Jiu Niangzi has more than 6 [Liquor] stacks, she can boost her Penetration Rate. Her “Bottoms Up” skill is a single-target attack that consumes [Liquor] stacks for additional damage, emphasizing her friendly demeanor.

The “Baijiu Ladle” channeling skill replenishes [Liquor] and grants [Cheers], while entering [Drunk] status triggers a special effect at the start of the round. Jiu Niangzi’s unique abilities make her an exciting addition to the game, promising a dynamic and impactful presence on the battlefield.

2. Yenisei

Yenisei is another character that is expected to debut as a 5-star character in version 1.5 of Reverse: 1999. She possesses versatile skills for support and control. Her “The Current Knows All” ability shields allies and grants immunity, while also empowering herself with [Current] stacks. The “Woman of Action” skill allows her to deal with Mental DMG and apply debuffs, showcasing her adaptability in different situations.

Reverse 1999 Yenisei
Image via Bluepoch

Yenisei’s “The Language of Water” provides targeted healing, bestowing Sturdiness for damage reduction. Overall, Yenisei proves to be a well-rounded character, contributing both defensively and offensively to the team’s success.

Final Thoughts

In this alternate 20th-century world of Reverse: 1999, a diverse cast of characters each brings their unique skills and roles to the battlefield. From powerful damage dealers to adept support characters, they create a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience. The game’s intricate mechanics and various abilities allow you to craft teams that excel in damage output, crowd control, and sustainability.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse:1999 All Upcoming Characters for Version 1.4 to 1.6? Let us know in the comments below!

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