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Revived Witch will shut down its global server on May 7, 2023

Say goodbye to another RPG!

Revived Witch, a pixel-art mobile RPG has confirmed that it will shut down its servers on May 7th, 2023. Several players of the game were surprised by this because the game, which had a successful Christmas event the previous year and was barely two years old, was not in the running for an abrupt exit.

Developers attribute the shut down to adjustments in game development

Ever since the launch of Revived Witch in November 2021, it attracted a wide following thanks to its art style and overall gameplay. Many players were active in the game and were highly rated since the start, so many expected the game to continue for years to come.

But fans were not ready for a sudden announcement that was made, and expectedly so. The makers via Social Media announced that on May 7th this year, the servers of the game will be shut down, and from then, the players will not be able to play the game anymore.

The reasons behind this were not explained in detail, but a mention of game development and operation strategy was mentioned. This might be an indication that the game wasn’t able to reach expectations during more developments and might have faced difficulties, which might have not pleased the audience in certain regions, and thus, had to be ended.

The download portal of the game will be disabled on March 6th. Players can, however, continue playing the game and use in-game resources like diamonds before 11:59 PM (06:59 UTC) on 6th May 2023.

On reflection, the game had a strong fan base and the character designs were appealing. When a game closes, it is really sad because we need to see new games succeed and grow.

What are your thoughts about the shut down of Revived Witch? Let us know in the comments below!

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