Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds is an upcoming roguelike action RPG announced for mobile

The popular franchise arrives!

Ever heard of Risk of Rain series of games on PC and Consoles? If so, the mere mention of its title must be getting your excitement levels up. Developer Frima, in collaboration with publisher Gearbox Publishing, has just revealed Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, which will be a roguelike action RPG designed for both Android and iOS platforms, and from the trailer, the game looks impressive.

Risk of Rain has quite the journey, spanning a decade of gaming history. It all began in 2013 with the launch of the first game, and fast forward to August 2020, we saw the arrival of the sequel, Risk of Rain 2 which was followed by Risk of Rain Returns, a remake of the original game in 2023. Given all these were targeted to PCs and Consoles, this is the first time a game from the franchise will be available for mobile.

risk of rain hostile worlds gameplay
Image via Gearbox Publishing

Speaking of the title, Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds allows you to embark on a top-down, skill-packed journey. This title can be mentioned as a side-quel situated in the same timeline as Risk of Rain 2 but delves into a distinct chapter of the narrative.

We will get to see dynamic mid-game Survivor swapping and a hero collector element as the core gameplay, with a diverse lineup of Survivors, offering intense run-and-gun combat and epic encounters with bullet-hell bosses. The game reintroduces beloved characters alongside fresh allies, all armed with formidable gear, ready to navigate diverse environments. The gameplay trailer offers a sneak peek into what lies ahead. It’s quite artistic and incredibly engaging, I must say.

While it doesn’t explicitly showcase the gameplay on a device and leaves out the controls, it’s likely because the game is still in development. Nevertheless, it looks promising and can replicate the success of previous games on other platforms.

risk of rain hostile worlds gameplay
Image via Gearbox Publishing

It won’t be wrong to say Gearbox had a big celebration for the Risk of Rain series’ 10th anniversary. Apart from Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds, for the fans of the franchise, there’s Risk of Rain Returns which launched on November 8, 2023, and Risk of Rain 2: Seekers of the Storm arriving for PC and Consoles. Plus, the console launch of Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void is on the horizon.

When will Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds release

While Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds has been announced as a mobile exclusive, the developers have yet to provide a specific release date. However, before the official launch, it’s likely that there will be a couple of testing phases and pre-registration openings. To ensure you don’t miss out on this exciting release, be sure to keep a close eye on upcoming announcements by signing up on the official website.

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