Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3 brings the Spectator Mode, a new Rocket Pass and more

Good Things come in Season 3!

Rocket League Sideswipe is ready for Season 3, with an all-new Season 3 Rocket Pass and a lot of Season Rewards to unlock. There will be a new Limited Time Mode, along with an option where your teammate can spectate. Along with that, there will be a number of changes, updates, and bug fixes introduced as a part of the Season 3 Update in Rocket League Sideswipe. Let us explore the brand-new content in detail.

Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3: Overview

Season 3 Rocket Pass

 season 3 rocket pass
Image via Psyonix Studios

Three new cars have been added to the Sideswipe Roster this season, which involves the likes of MarauderMantis, and Takumi. The updated Rocket Pass rewards for this update, include the Yoked1K Wheels for heavy lifters and the Lv 50 Force Razor Goal Explosion. There will be new seasonal challenges too.

Spectator Mode

Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3 spectator mode
Image via Psyonix Studios

Players can now analyze Private Matches from the sidelines with Spectator Mode. This will be an interesting feature for the content creators, who can show off skills with their new and old friends.

New Time-limited mode

  • Threes: A new 3v3 mode has been introduced where 6 players can battle it out in a 3v3 fashion, which sums up one of our most exciting updates yet.
  • Longfield Arena: To accommodate the newer lot of players, a new Arena has been added.

Seasonal Rewards

Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3 rewards
Image via Psyonix Studios

Season 2 Rewards have been distributed, based on the competitive tier which they had finished last year. More rewards for the Ranked Season 3, which is set to commence, have been announced.

Off-screen Indicators, Game Settings, and other changes

  • Offscreen Indicators can easily view the position of other players or the ball when they are offscreen. Players can edit the off-screen indicator settings in the options menu, based on their choice. 
  • New Camera Zoom Method (Game Settings):
    • Focused method to keep player car always visible
    • Zoomed out a method, which shows all of the match action on screen
  • New Intro Sequence in the match.

Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3: Changes and Bug fixes

Changes and Updates

  • Post Match Celebration: Players can now access the pause menu during the winners’ celebration dance, to let them re-queue faster! 
  • News and Updates Panel: New Social Buttons have been introduced, which lets players interact with Psyonix Studios on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and Instagram. There will always be an opportunity to be featured in Play of the Week. #RLSPOTW!
  • Challenges: New Challenge stages have been added. Players can now complete up to 4 new stages of Challenges, throughout the Season. They will now show up on the Post Match screen.
  • Quick Chat Feed: The chat feed has grown longer, which will let players 4 chats instead of 3!
  • Party: New camera/car orientation for party members.
  • Air Roll: An ability to disable or enable Air Roll has been allowed.
  • Restructured Options Menu: Edit Quick Chat, Avatar, Banner, and Title settings can be accessed quicker
  • Item Shop: Players will now receive a verification pop-up when purchasing items in the shop

Bug Fixes

  • iOS Controller Support:
    • A bug that would register the last button pressed as stuck, has been resolved. 
    • The multiple-input spam has been corrected
  • Touch Controls: The static joystick option has been added. Additionally, a lock option has been added for the control of fingers. Hence, no more slipping of the thumbs during an exhilarating situation. Joystick Settings are now located in the Control Customization Submenu.
  • Main Menu: The bottom row of buttons has been adjusted to resolve issues with overlapping on certain screens. General clean-up to button and font sizes.
  • Some devices have been running hot. These issues have been fixed.

That’s all for Season 3, which is set to kick off in Rocket League Sideswipe.

What are your thoughts on the Rocket League Sideswipe Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

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