Rovio is developing Angry Birds NEXT, a cross-platform multiplayer title, along with 9 other games

Rovio announces 10 new games including new installments in Angry Birds

Rovio has concluded its latest Q3 earnings call and has revealed new details about the upcoming games the company is currently creating, out of which Angry Birds NEXT is the most anticipated title. The presentation, which was given by the CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand, the CFO René Lindell, and the vice president Timo Rahkonen, covered a range of topics from the third quarter of 2022, including studio updates, financial data, and the performance of the company as a whole.

Rovio announces a series of games that are currently in development

This is the first time Rovio Entertainment is going out of mobile and this is indeed is a piece of big news.

Rovio 10 new games
Image via Rovio

Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish game developing and animation company that is most popular for its global sensation Angry Birds has revealed that they are currently supervising and developing 10 upcoming games. The list of games includes more than one Angry Birds title which means that the company is still holding on to the popular title as its flagship game. The games as revealed are:

1. Moomin: Puzzle and Design

This casual puzzle game is currently in soft launch and it has been implied that this idle puzzle and the decorating game will be launched to the general public sometime soon in the future. The magical world of Moomins is waiting to greet the players with open arms.

2. Two Hunter Assassin games

Hunter Assassin is Rovio’s most successful game in current times as players seem to enjoy its rather simplistic yet engaging setting which makes it the perfect time killer for many. In the upcoming days, there will be two more games called Hunter Heroes and Hunter Assassin 2.

Hunter Assassin, Rovio
Image via Rovio

The former is going to be a multiplayer game based on the Hunter Assassin series while the latter is going to be the sequel to the original Hunter Assassin game.

3. Angry Birds NEXT

The biggest announcement of the entire earnings call, Angry Birds Next is going to be the next major title in this fan-favorite franchise. With this game, Angry Birds is going to go up and beyond the boundaries of mobile gaming as it will feature cross-platform gameplay in a multiplayer setting.

4. Angry Birds RPG game

No information about this game has been disclosed as of yet except for the fact that it will be a role-playing game, known as an RPG, as the name itself suggests. It will be developed by Rovio’s Copenhagen studio.

5. Novel Angry Birds game

Just like the previous title, no precise information about the game has been revealed as of yet. Although its name suggests that it will be a novel-based game, probably with a choice-driven storyline. It will be the first game developed by Rovio Toronto.

6. Bad Piggies 2

This game will be the sequel to the vastly popular title of Rovio, Bad Piggies. It is a spinoff set in the world of Angry Birds, but instead of the Birds, the game focuses on their nemesis, the Pigs. The game requires players to build makeshift contraptions and turn them into a vehicle that they have to keep from getting destroyed.

Bad Piggies, Rovio
Image via Rovio

Apart from these there will be a new game from Rovio’s subsidiary Puzzle Studio. And there will be two hybrid casual games, which are as of now, unnamed games from another of Rovio’s subsidiaries, Ruby.

It is evident that Rovio as a company is trying its very best to keep a hold of its position within the mobile gaming industry. And with the release of titles such as Angry Birds Next, their position will only get better as they push mobile gaming to new heights via cross-platform.

Are you excited about the Angry birds next title? If so, which one are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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Could you please give the date? When will the games be released?

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