Rumble Hockey soft-launched for Android and iOS in selected countries

Finland based developer Frogmind Studios which operates independently in a partnership with Supercell has come up with another game after Rumble Stars and it’s Rumble Hockey. If Rumble Stars was an explosive multiplayer football game which was easy to learn but hard to master gameplay! Then Rumble Hockey is a real-time multiplayer hockey game with crazy gameplay physics and epic characters. According to the official announcement, Rumble Hockey has been soft-launched for Android and iOS in Australia, Canada, Finland, Spain, Romania, and France!

Difference between Rumble Stars and Rumble Hockey

It has been a year since the launch of Rumble Stars. Rumble Stars and Rumble Hockey are both developed by the same team and they are expecting to achieve the same feat. The main difference is in the gameplay that gives both games their own flavor and twist. Rumble Hockey has faster gameplay and different goalie mechanics that require even more focus on building clever combos to outsmart the opponent.

Features of Rumble Hockey

With Rumble Hockey, you can play against players from around the World in real-time Hockey battles. Earn chests to unlock rewards and collect new epic Rumblers, Build & upgrade your Rumbler collection and battle deck. That would help you in progressing through the Divisions & Leagues all the way to the top. There is also an option to challenge club members & friends to private matches. Watch the trailer below!

Trailer of Rumble Hockey

When Rumble Hockey will be available in my country?

Rumble Hockey has been soft-launched for Android and iOS in Australia, Canada, Finland, Spain, Romania, and France. Players from these countries can download the game from links available below. They will be rolling out to more countries soon. You can check here to know if it’s already available in your country. Frogmind Studios believes in developing and self-publishing the games without managers. So it can take some time but eventually, it will be launched worldwide.

How much I need to pay to download the game?

You don’t have to pay anything to download. It is a free-to-play game just like Rumble Stars and it will have in-app purchases.

System Requirements

Rumble Hockey is compatible with Android 5.0 or above, iPhone 5 and upwards and iPad 2 & iPad mini (2nd gen) and upwards. Along with this, it also requires a stable network connection to enjoy the game.

When Rumble Hockey will release globally?

There is no specific date for Rumble Hockey global launch yet. As of now the game is available only in Canada, France, Australia, Spain, Finland, and Romania on Android and iOS. Developers want to make sure the game is polished enough before they plan to release it globally. We will update the date when it is announced.

If you still have any questions about the game, feel free to drop them in the comments below.

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