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RuneScape will release Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests update on April 10th 2023

RuneScape’s Fort Forinthry Unwelcome Guests update continues with a brand new mini-quest and Slayer Challenge which introduces a new Slayer Master in fan-favorite character, The Raptor, as well as new skilling rewards. Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests update launches on Monday, April 10th, 2023 for Runescape members. Unwelcome Guests will give players their first encounter with the villainous necromancer, Zemouregal, whose role in the story will be explained in coming updates.

Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests introduces four brand new slayer creatures in Runescape

Fort Forinthry is now under increasing attack by an unexplained horde of walking dead as a result of the events in Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border. The players will work together with The Raptor, their new Slayer Master, to defeat the hoard and discover where this brand-new kind of adversary is coming from. Players will first meet the evil necromancer Zemouregal in Unwelcome Visitors; his significance to the plot will be revealed in upcoming releases.

Runescape Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests update
Image via Jagex

The Fetid Zombie, Bound Skeleton, Rising Ghost, and Armoured Phantom are four all-new slayer creatures that are featured in Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Visitors. Slayer Trophy, which offers increasing rewards, buffs, and a rare drop of a new two-handed magic talent, is awarded to players who defeat these new friends.

The Building skill, as with other Fort Forinthry improvements, will be essential to advancing the plot. The Guardhouse, which the players will construct, will provide the Slayer skill extra bonuses, including more damage bonuses and higher spawn rates for Elite monsters.

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