Rust Mobile version in development, Level Infinite likely to be publisher of the survival title

Huge news!

Recent reports suggest that the Mobile version of Rust is in development! Scheduled to be announced later this year, the game will be under the helm of Level Infinite, who is mostly likely involved as a publisher or a collaborative partner.

Rust Mobile can make the survival genre a massive hit once again

Now, let’s talk about the original game. The decade-old title Rust, developed by Facepunch Studios, is a multiplayer action survival game released in 2013. Set in a wilderness environment, players must survive by managing hunger, thirst, and health, facing threats from both wildlife and other players. The game features combat with firearms and crafting elements similar to Minecraft.

Rust evolved during early access, introducing changes in gameplay and graphical improvements. Despite mixed reviews, it gained popularity for its unique blend of PvP combat and survival challenges, selling over five million copies before and after its full release in 2018. If I were to give a general overview, the game is a smash hit, and it coming to mobile is a huge development indeed. While this news is not official yet, it is leaked by Kurakasis on Twitter (formerly X), who has a track record of breaking news like this earlier.

The development of the game might be taken care of by Facepunch Studios themselves, although we have no news about it. We can draw a comparison of this to DayZ, Bohemia Interactive’s popular game of the same genre. We got to see its mobile versions as well titled Mini DAYZ with two games released, where both weren’t as interesting. Hopefully, Rust Mobile doesn’t go that route. 

Rust PC Gameplay
Image via Facepunch Studios

So, let us take some guesses. How will Rush Mobile arrive? Given how the audience on mobile treats the paid games, we can get a free-to-play title with in-app purchases. They’ll have to focus on optimization a lot since the original game world is pretty detailed. Both Android and iOS platforms, surely. No points are cut for guessing!

A plethora of big game releases await for Level Infinite

This year seems to be busy as well as a huge one for Level Infinite. They already have a huge project in Assassinā€™s Creed Jade coming up which is undoubtedly given it is an Ubisoft IP, and also Honor of Kings, which is inching towards a global release. With Rust Mobile in the mix, this is going to get even better for them, no doubt.

Level Infinite Cover
Image via Level Infinite

This might align with the news of Level Infinite being no longer in charge of publishing Archosaur Games’ upcoming RPG title Avatar: Reckoning with the developers themselves taking the opportunity to publish the game in China and the global market. Hence with this dropped, the Rust Mobile version would have been the perfect opportunity to clinch.

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