Rytmos is a new music puzzler now available on iOS and coming soon to Android

Journey across the stars and celebrate world music!

Rytmos, the interplanetary music puzzler developed by Floppy Club, a Danish studio, is now available on mobile devices. The game received high praise upon its release earlier this year on Steam and Nintendo Switch. It offers players a captivating combination of puzzle-solving and real-time music composition, creating a unique and engaging experience.

Rytmos takes you on a musical adventure across planets

In Rytmos, each planet offers players a chance to explore diverse music cultures from around the world. They are tasked with completing customized line puzzles that, upon finishing, contribute to the planet’s evolving soundscape.

As players progress through different themed planets, the puzzle logic becomes more intricate, introducing new mechanics that provide a challenge and allow players to expand their musical and puzzle-solving skills. Upon successfully finishing a planet in Rytmos, players are rewarded with playable instruments that can be recorded and looped alongside the fully developed soundtrack of the level.

They can choose to wield instruments like the Kalimba, rock out with an electric guitar, or try out the electric synthesizer for a nostalgic touch. With over 15 instruments and modifiers available in the game, players can produce tracks limited only by their imagination, creating unique musical masterpieces.

Experience meditative moments and captivating soundtracks in Rytmos

Throughout this interstellar journey, players will encounter a wide range of world music styles, including 1960s Ethiopian Jazz, Indonesia’s soothing Gamelan, and even the iconic 8-bit sounds that characterized early gaming soundtracks.

Designed as both a game and an interactive homage to the history of music, Rytmos provides a meditative experience filled with moments of inspiration and captivating soundtracks that make you nod your head along. Rytmos is available now on iOS and is set for lift-off on Android platforms soon.

Are you excited as Rytmos is now available on iOS devices? Let us know in the comment section below!

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