Scopely announces an investment of $50 million across three European game studios

Big news for the Gaming Industry!

Scopely, a top mobile games company with award-winning titles such as Marvel Strike Force, Scrabble GO, and Star Trek Fleet Command has announced its continued commitment to game-making with over $50 million investment across three European game studios – Omnidrone, Pixel Toys, and Tag Games. Based in Spain, England, and Scotland respectively, these game studio partners are working closely with Scopely on a number of in-development games across multiple genres in the gaming industry.

Our studio ecosystem is built on a culture that values autonomy and creativity to achieve world-class game-making. These studios share our vision to create extremely meaningful, dynamic experiences for players and represent outstanding passion and expertise in their respective genres. We are proud to invest in these studios’ futures, excited to collaborate closely as a unified team, and eager to maximize our combined potential through our transformative Playgami technology platform, deep game-making expertise, and what we believe is the industry’s best publishing infrastructure.

Tim O’Brien, Chief Revenue Officer at Scopely

Scopley’s investment will help both internal and partner studios

Scopely is home to a dynamic studio ecosystem of world-class game makers, co-creating game experiences around the world. Scopely game teams include Scopely product leaders as well as internal Scopely Studios and external partner studios such as Omnidrone, Pixel Toys, and Tag Games that collaborate with a unique single-team approach, where the traditional boundaries between developer and publisher are eliminated.

As part of the Scopely ecosystem which is a result of this investment across the European game studios, both internal and partner studios can benefit from Scopely’s publishing infrastructure, operating system, and proprietary technology platform Playgami, which offers a range of products, enabling teams to create games players love and grow them as great businesses.

Scopely Studios include Boundless Entertainment, Genjoy, PierPlay, and DIGIT, among others, and partner studios currently span four continents with Omnidrone, Pixel Toys, and Tag Games as some of the newest members of the ecosystem.

About the three European game studios


Barcelona-based Omnidrone is one of the studios joining hands with Scopely on a yet-to-be-announced mid-core title. With over 100 Omnidrone employees working alongside a rapidly growing Scopely team in Barcelona they have over 350 Scopely employees in the city. 

Scopely European game studios investment
Scopely European game studios investment: Omnidrome

Omnidrone CEO Gerard Fernandez heads the studio with his deep expertise in games and an entrepreneurial spirit shared by the combined team. Prior to Omnidrone, Gerard was the co-founder of Microjocs, one of the first companies to create and distribute mobile games in Spain, which was purchased by Digital Chocolate and later purchased by Ubisoft

Scopely’s investment in our team allows us the freedom to create a truly unique, fresh and ambitious atmosphere at Omnidrone, and attract even more talent to our studio

Gerard Fernandez, CEO, Omnidrome

“We can combine the agility of a boutique games studio with the expertise, leadership, and transformative technology of Scopely. This will collaborate on innovative game experiences that are just as exciting to develop as they are to play. With more than 30 open roles, we are actively seeking the world’s best in game-making to join us on this adventure with Scopely in Barcelona,” he added.

Pixel Toys

Collaborating with Scopely on a different yet-to-be-announced mid-core title, Pixel Toys is based in Leamington Spa, England, and has developed multiple award-winning titles, including Gunfinger, Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade, Drop Dead, and Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realm War.  

Scopely European game studios investment
Scopely European game studios investment: Pixel Toys

Pixel Toys was jointly founded by CEO Andy Wafer and Chief Operating Officer Alex Zoro. Together they have led the studio for nearly nine years. During these years, they have been drawing upon their combined experience and decades-long careers spanning disciplines of game making. These included game design and engineering, marketing, and distribution. Before joining Pixel Toys, Andy held senior leadership roles at Codemasters and FreeStyleGames, which Alex co-founded and served as a senior leader after beginning his career with Rare.

We pride ourselves on making big, bold games that defy expectations and that’s only possible because of our uniquely talented and creative people. Scopely shares our mindset and our teams instantly meshed, and that strong dynamic will continue to unlock creativity and shared learnings that will deliver incredible experiences for players. We’ve already learned so much from joining this ecosystem and leveraging the power of Scopely’s Playgami technology and feel highly valued for the expertise and creativity that our studio is contributing as well. This funding represents an investment in the future of fun

Andy Wafer, CEO, Pixel toys

Tag Games

Tag Games is a Scotland-based studio that is creating a new title expanding Scopely’s MMO strategy slate. The Tag Games team has worked with leading publishers on more than 60 games since its founding in 2006.

Scopely European game studios investment
Scopely European game studios investment: Tag Games

Marc Williamson, Chief Executive of Tag Games, has been with the studio since 2010, first joining as Head of Production and Studio Manager. Before Tag, Marc grew his expertise as a gaming entrepreneur. During this time, he established two of his own studios that delivered games for early touchscreen platforms and consoles like Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s Wii and DS systems.

Having worked with many publishers over the years, Scopely has differentiated themselves as a company of game makers that value collaboration and iteration for the betterment of the player experience above all else

Marc Williamson, CEO, Tag Games

 “We’ve been inspired by what we’ve learned from their rich ecosystem so far. And now we look forward to what more we can do together. With Scopely’s support and the technology they’ve built to create truly personalized player experiences as well as the knowledge-sharing across studios, game making is a highly enjoyable adventure.” he added.

Final Thoughts

Scopely continues to make its position stronger as a top games company, launching the biggest mobile word game ever with Scrabble GO in March 2020 and seeing consistent growth, engagement, and innovation with its live games, such as its “Dice franchise” surpassing $500M in lifetime revenue.

Beyond its external partner studios, Scopely has a rapidly growing footprint in Europe, with more than 500 EMEA-based employees across Barcelona, Dublin, London, and Seville. The company also has a presence across Asia in Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, and Tokyo, and in the U.S. in Los Angeles and Boulder.

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