SEGA CEO expresses the desire to reach a broader audience in the mobile games market

More new IPs from SEGA to mobile?

SEGA has been targeting the mobile market for a while now, and the acquisition of popular game franchise Angry Birds maker Rovio Entertainment Corporation is a clear indication of how they would like to take things ahead. The recent interview of Shuji Utsumi, the CEO of SEGA also gave us the same thought, when he shared that their current focus was on the mobile market while trying to improve the operations on the platform.

SEGA CEO says the mobile is a treasure that is unused right now given their list of great IPs

Speaking to CNBC, Shuji Utsumi shed light on various discussions such as international markets of SEGA, acquisitions, utilizing the company’s assets, and more. If we were to sum up the important part of the talk, it would be how SEGA is looking to capitalize on the mobile market with the IPs they have.

The CEO emphasized the acquisition of Rovio as a key move to leverage their iconic characters, such as Sonic, on a global scale, particularly in the ever-expanding mobile gaming market.

SEGA x Rovio cover, SEGA acquire Rovio
Image via SEGA/Rovio

On being asked if mobile is the platform that they are putting a lot of focus on at the moment, Utsumi stated: “Mobile is pretty much an area where we haven’t excelled historically, and we’re working to improve that. Well, we’re pretty much not good at it in the past, so we are trying to improve that operation. Also, we have a lot of great IPs that we’re not utilizing in the mobile area. It’s a treasure that is not really unused right now.”

Speaking of the audience market, Utsumi stated that despite its distinctly Japanese game titles like Yakuza, the company’s financial landscape reveals that only 30% of its revenue is generated domestically, with 70% flowing in from international markets. A similar track goes for Sonic, which boasts a remarkable 95% of its business outside Japan.

This indicates the audience demonstrates a consistent appreciation for quality content, irrespective of its origin. SEGA’s success in presenting games with global appeal is evidently a contributing factor to their international performance.

With the interview, we can suggest that SEGA is looking to enhance its global presence, especially in the mobile market, by capitalizing on its rich portfolio of valuable IPs, just like the CEO mentioned. This development is particularly exciting for mobile gaming enthusiasts like us, as we can actually expect some popular games from SEGA which did not see mobile releases to arrive, and I believe this would be the first step that the Japanese gaming giant should consider.

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