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Crystal Knights Team Composition Guide and Tips

Create the best Team!

Step into the world of Crystal Knights, a new RPG title brought to you by DAERI SOFT. You get to explore the magical world of Ignis the Immortal, leading a team of unique heroes as you take on different challenges and quests. To succeed, you’ll need to build a balanced team that can handle dungeons, stages, and epic battles. In this Crystal Knights Team Composition Guide, I’ll provide tips and insights to help you build the strongest team for your journey.

If you’re new to Crystal Knights, our beginners guide has plenty of tips to help you start on the right foot. Take a look at our tier list to find the top heroes for building a strong team. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for available redeem codes. Also, check out our article on tips to earn crystals for some great strategies for gathering this essential currency.

How team role works in Crystal Knights

Melee Damage Dealer

Melee damage dealers excel in close combat it is most likely to be placed in the second row, dealing high amounts of damage with powerful attacks. These heroes are great for quickly taking down single targets or groups of enemies. I look for melee damage dealers with abilities that provide mobility and crowd control, allowing them to stay safe while dealing massive damage.

Ranged Damage Dealer

Ranged damage dealers attack from a distance, which keeps them safer from enemy attacks they are most likely to be placed in the third row. These heroes are excellent for chipping away at enemy health and taking down dangerous enemies from afar. I’ve found that ranged damage dealers most likely have area-of-effect abilities that can quickly eliminate groups of enemies and control the battlefield.


Tanks are placed in the front row, where they absorb damage and shield the rest of your heroes. Their high health and defense stats help them draw enemy attention away from your damage dealers and support heroes, keeping them safe. A reliable tank can shift the course of a battle, giving your team the chance to focus on defeating enemies.


Support heroes are the backbone of your team most likely to be placed in the fourth row, providing healing, buffs, and debuffs. They keep your team healthy and help boost their performance in combat. I’ve noticed that support heroes with abilities that provide crowd control or boost damage output can greatly improve your team’s survivability and efficiency in fights.

Consider the Formation

In Crystal Knights, setting up a good battle formation is key to your team’s success. Once you clear guide 198, you can access formations at the bottom right corner in Set up Knights. Each formation offers unique effects that can boost your heroes’ stats based on their row positions. There are four rows, and you can form a team of up to eight heroes.

To get the formation’s benefits, you need to organize your heroes according to the formation’s roles. These boosts can include increased attack power, defense, health, and other helpful bonuses. Playing around with different formations can help you find the perfect setup for your team and give you an advantage in battles.

Examples of Team Composition in Crystal Knights

1. Basic Formation Lineup

1 Tank, 1 Support, 2 Melee Damage Dealers, and 4 Range Damage Dealers

From my experience, the basic formation lineup in Crystal Knights is a solid strategy for a balanced team. Upfront, you can have Frederick as a tank to soak up enemy damage and protect the rest of your team. His high health and defense stats keep your other heroes safe. In the second row, place Ceres as a support hero who can heal, buff, and control the crowd, keeping your team in fighting shape.

Crystal Knights Basic Formation
Image via DAERI SOFT

The third row is home to two melee damage dealers like Iris and another strong melee hero. These heroes excel in close combat and can quickly take down enemies. In the back row, four ranged damage dealers provide consistent long-range attacks. Lappy, along with other ranged heroes, can stay safe while picking off enemies.

2. Defensive Formation Lineup

2 Tanks, 2 Melee Damage Dealers, 2 Range Damage Dealers, and 2 Supports

In Crystal Knights, I’ve found the defensive formation lineup to be a solid strategy for building a strong, resilient team. The front row features two tanks Frederick and Sophia, who soak up damage and protect the rest of your team with their taunt and damage reduction abilities.

Crystal Knights Defensive Formation
Image via DAERI SOFT

In the second row, place two melee damage dealers like Iris and Isabel to deal high damage up close while staying protected by the tanks. The third row consists of two ranged damage dealers, such as Lappy and Nix, who excel at dealing damage from a distance and controlling crowds. In the back row, rely on two support heroes like Ceres and Jessica for healing, buffs, and debuffs.

3. Support Formation Lineup

1 Tank, 2 Melee Damage Dealers, 2 Range Damage Dealers, and 3 Supports

From what I’ve seen, the support formation lineup in Crystal Knights is perfect for prioritizing team health and performance. Start by placing one tank, like Frederick, in the front row to absorb damage and protect your other heroes with taunt and damage reduction abilities. In the second row, position two melee damage dealers like Iris and Setho to quickly take down enemies while staying safe.

Crystal Knights Support Formation
Image via DAERI SOFT

In the third row, use two ranged damage dealers like Lappy and Isabel for consistent damage from a distance and crowd control. Finally, include three support heroes in the back row. For example, Ceres can provide healing and boosts, Jessica offers to heal AOE and attack reduction, and Alice adds attack increase and AOE healing.

Final Thoughts

Creating the right team composition in Crystal Knights can boost your gameplay. A balanced team of damage dealers, tanks, and support heroes will help you tackle different challenges effectively. Try out different combinations of heroes and formations to find what works best for you. Adjusting your team for each battle can maximize your heroes’ abilities and lead to more success.

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