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Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross global version will launch on March 3rd

Seven Deadly Sins, the anime and manga, is coming to Android in the form of a game! Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, is the global version of a turn-based card combat game, based on the anime and manga series. Anime lovers and manga readers have always wanted such a game on phone. Due to this huge demand, we can expect this game to do well.

Seven Deadly Sins: Global Version Features

Great Combat System –

This game is an RPG game, hence it is sure to have combat. The devs have said the game will have an immersive combat system. This system utilizes skill synthesis, that is, it ranks up skills when they’re next to each other. Cards can also be combined to make an “Ultimate” move, that is, a devastating attack on the opponent. All cards will be based on Seven Deadly Sins’ characters.

PvP Mode

Here, you can play with friends to defeat a giant demon in “Death Match”. Death Match Mode is a 2-player mode with real-time gameplay. You and your teammate have to save the kingdom from demons before time expires. PvP also includes an Arena where you can battle players from all around the world.


The Seven Deadly Sins characters will be available as “heroes”. You can dress your heroes up in outfits, new dresses and give them a kind of a makeover. The devs have also included different hairstyles and accessories for even further character customization. They’ve also given a new look to the characters.

The Original Seven Deadly Sins World Brought To Life

The devs say that the OG Seven Deadly Sins world from the anime and manga is used in the game. This is great news for fans of the series, as it will make them feel right at home.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross global version is a very anticipated game, and fans are already going crazy after the mobile game announcement. If you want to know about other great upcoming games, you can do so here.

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