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Seven Knights 2 adds new Story Content and Events to welcome Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene

Exciting new in-game content arrives!

The mobile role-playing game Seven Knights 2 has received its third March 2023 update by Netmarble, a well-known creator and distributor of top-notch mobile games. Players can take part in a complete celebration to welcome the Lightning Empress in Seven Knights 2 starting today!

Seven Knights 2 introduces Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene, a new mythic hero and side story

Immortal Lightning Empress Eileene (Mythic / Defense type), a new hero with the ability to shock enemies, cause various debuffs, enhance ranged attacks, and transform when revived after death, is added as the 2nd mythic hero in the most recent update. In Side Story Scenario Chapter 3 Resonating Heart, which tells the stories of Eileene, Jave, Lene’s family, and Eileen’s revival, will be explored.

Additionally, this update contains a Victory Outfit for April and exclusive gear for Legendary Serena. Whether you’re a veteran of Seven Knights 2 or a new user, today’s patch is brimming with chances for you to upgrade your squad.

The game features limited-time events and exciting rewards with its third March 2023 update

The following activities will be held from March 29 through April 12 to welcome Mythic Eileen to Seven Knights 2:

Celebration Carnival for Mythic Eileen’s Release

Players can perform daily missions to earn rewards, and those who complete all of them will receive an additional reward. There are perfect items among rewards for new players to catch up with their friends in this event, including:

  • Legendary+ hero Teo, including his Soulstone and Costume.
  • Legendary heroes Casper, Ruri, and Rudy.
  •  A Legendary+ Hero Selection ticket, Legendary hero summon voucher, and Legendary pet summon voucher.
  • Pet step-up summon ticket, Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher, Legendary+ Weapon/Armor selection ticket, and other rewards from missions clear.
Seven Knights 2 third March 2023 update
Image via Netmarble

Active players also receive a number of rewards perfect for continuing their Summon collection including:

  • Mythic Weapon Selection Ticket, Mythic Armor Summon Voucher, Legendary+ Hero Summon Voucher, and Legendary Jewel Summon Voucher.
  • Pet items: Legendary Pet summon Voucher, Pet step up summon ticket/Jewel summon voucher, and Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragment.

The opportunity to obtain Mythic Weapon Selection Tickets, Mythic Armor Summon Vouchers, Legendary+ Hero Selection Tickets, Legendary Pet Summon Vouchers, and more is one that returning players should not pass on.

Immortal Lightning Empress Eileen Upgrade Support & Step Up Summon Challenge Event

Players can obtain a variety of rewards in honor of the debut of Mythic Eileen. Extra rewards are also available that grow with your level and the number of Summons you own.

Commanders Meet Legendary+ Platin!

Using Legendary+ Platin Special Coins acquired from checking in, playing upgrade dungeons, or completing other tasks successfully, Platin’s Special Pass can be activated. Players can acquire various rewards such as Platin’s Soulstone, Gold, and Outfit Tickets, among other rewards.

Seven Knights 2 is the sequel to the 60 million+ player video game Seven Knights, which takes place 20 years after the first game and features gorgeous open-world gameplay. After a series of incidents involving a mysterious girl named Phiné, the Daybreak Mercenaries set out on a quest to locate “Rudy,” the final member of the Seven Knights.

Are you excited about the third March 2023 update in Seven Knights 2? Let us know in the comment section below!

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