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Seven Knights 2: The complete Reroll guide and tips

Rerolling on the global version is as simple as it gets!

Seven Knights 2 is the sequel to the first Seven Knights and covers the story of what happened after the events of the first game. Released globally by Netmarble on both Google Play Store and Appleā€™s App Store, the plot of this game is about the Daybreak Mercenaries and their objective to find Rudy, who is the last remaining member of the Seven Knights. With Seven Knights 2 launched recently, here is a guide that will help you reroll efficiently in the game.

How to reroll in Seven Knights 2

As of now, the game does give free rolls at the start of the game but they are barely enough for rerolls. Since the game has strong protection against rerolling, resetting an account is very tough as the game saves your device ID. Hence, you should either have a rooted phone or do the reroll on an emulator. It is certainly not recommended to reroll, however, if you still want to try your luck then continue. 

The rates for gacha are very low, but the game does have good rewards for completing the chapters and playing through the story, so what you can do is play through the story until you get enough rubies to do 2 10x pulls, and if you don’t get any Legendary Hero then simply restart the reroll. You can even aim for 3 10x pulls and then restart but it all depends on how much time you want to invest in this hectic process. 

Another way is Redemption Codes that Netmarble will provide occasionally, the codes can be claimed for various rewards, as of now there are no codes for pulling chances, but they may come in the future so keep an eye out for them, these codes are usually released by Netmarble on their websites, social accounts and even on the official forum.

The game may provide better rewards at the beginning after a while, so if you can get enough pulls at the start then simply use those and then restart, no need to play through the story.

How to reset an account in Seven Knights 2

You will have to delete the root folders of the game, for this your device needs to have root access otherwise it won’t work. After that, reinstall the game and you should have a new guest account. This method is a hit-and-miss one, so it may work or may not work for your device, so only try it twice at most to check that. You can also try and change your device ID to see if it works. For BlueStacks, bstweaker is a perfect tool for rooting and changing the device ID. Search on the web for more information about these.

How to bind the game account

Seven Knights 2 Reroll guide
How to bind account

You can link your game to various social accounts like Facebook, Google, etc. Just go to Settings and then Account then bind the account to wherever you please. 

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