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Seven Knights 2 September 2023 update brings a new Mythic hero, exciting events, and more

Introducing Crimson Flame Incarnate Rachel!

In the realm of mobile gaming, a prominent developer and publisher known as Netmarble has unveiled the September 2023 update for the mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. This latest update introduces players to the Mythic hero named Crimson Flame Incarnate Rachel, along with a fresh narrative scenario. Additionally, it brings forth a collection of new costumes and engaging events, providing players with a wealth of exciting experiences to immerse themselves in.

Dive into Rachel’s epic journey in Seven Knights 2 September 2023 update

In the world of mythic heroes, a fresh face known as Rachel, who embodies the Crimson Flame Incarnate, has emerged. She assumes the role of a DPS-type melee character and wields remarkable advantages in the realm of PVP battles. Rachel possesses the ability to diminish the Ultimate Skill Gauge of her chosen target, simultaneously dealing extra damage. Moreover, if she directs her attacks at a target already ablaze, she rejuvenates her own health, an amount equal to 100% of the damage inflicted.

In the context of PVP encounters, Rachel exhibits a potent skill – every three attacks, she imposes an inescapable Burn status upon all adversaries within a circular range. Rachel’s ultimate skill takes the concept of feeling the burn quite literally, delivering damage that disregards her opponent’s defense, in addition to fixed damage. This onslaught is unblockable and comes bundled with the effects of knockdown and a Burn status that cannot be removed, inflicting further torment upon her foes.

To complement Rachel’s arrival, a new scenario dubbed “Burning Resolution” has been introduced in the latest update. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fiery narrative of Rachel as she seals her fate within the competitive arena.

Celebrate the arrival of Rachel in Seven Knights 2 with exciting events

A number of new events are now available until September 13 to celebrate Rachel’s arrival in Seven Knights 2:

  • Check-in event: Players can earn 10x Hero Summon Tickets on the 8th day. Mythic Runes, Phoenix Coins, and more can be obtained by checking in during the event.
  • Phoenix Coin Shop: Players can earn Phoenix Coins either by participating in in-game events or purchasing at the shop. These Phoenix Coins can be exchanged for various rewards including Special Outfits for Mythic Rachel, Legendary Pet Selection Ticket, Legendary Jewel Selection Ticket, and more.
  • Mythic Rachel Release Celebration Crafting event: Players can obtain Sealed Rachel Fragments and use them to get the items Essence of Souls and Hero Summon Tickets.

 Additional information on Seven Knights 2 September 2023 update can be found on the official website.

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