Shapez is an indie factory-building game now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Create your abstract shapes factory

Shapez an indie factory-building game by Playdigious scheduled for release on mobile devices on 5th December 2023, is now available for pre-registration.

Shapez, the 23rd top-rated Steam Game of 2020, begins pre-registration

Shapez, the 23rd highest-rated Steam game of 2020, which was crafted by Tobias Springer, is set to make its debut on iOS and Android this winter. This indie factory-building game invites players to engage with geometric shapes within a tranquil setting. As one progresses, they can expand and automate their designs on an endless canvas as the shapes they work with grow increasingly intricate.

Within Shapez, individuals have the opportunity to establish, enhance, and advance intricate factories featuring abstract shapes at their own pace, all within a minimalist environment. Additionally, Shapez will offer a free trial up to level 7 for players to experience. Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Create a unique and complex abstract shapes factory in a satisfying way.
  • Unlock new devices, upgrade them, and optimize your factory by experimenting with diverse tools.
  • Develop your system the way you want: each problem can have many solutions.
  • Enjoy an elegant, minimalist, and readable art direction.
  • Go at your own pace with approachable gameplay and a soothing soundtrack.

The game boasts an elegant, minimalist art direction that is both visually pleasing and easy to follow. All of this can be done at your own comfortable pace within a minimalist and visually pleasing environment, thanks to its approachable gameplay and a soothing soundtrack that enhances the overall experience. The full version of Shapez is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS with a special 10% off launch price.

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