Sony had plans to bring PlayStation Now to mobile devices

Confidential court documents from Apple reveal new information

Findings by The Verge have revealed some very interesting findings that suggest that Sony had plans to bring PlayStation Now, their own cloud gaming feature currently available on consoles and PC, to mobile all the way back in 2017 and Apple had some insider information on this.

Sony PlayStation Now mobile
Leaked information from the court documents (Image via The Verge)

Sony was planning to bring PlayStation Now to mobile 

Reportedly, Apple at that time was planning out their own game subscription service Apple Arcade and they wanted to reach out to the 30 top game studios and bring over as many as “a few hundred” games for Apple Arcade as seen in a presentation from 2017.

But it’s pretty clear now that Sony and Apple weren’t able to reach a successful partnership in this regard and Apple later went on to display quite a bit of hostility towards cloud gaming and services that wanted to bring their cloud gaming platforms to their devices like Microsoft and Google. Apple apparently also knew about an unannounced “mobile extension of an existing streaming service for PlayStation users, streaming access to over 450+ PS3 games to start, with PS4 games to follow.”

Sony PlayStation Now mobile
Outline for the PlayStation Now mobile service (Image via The Verge)

Very recently, some information that surfaced also revealed emails between Microsoft and Apple executives that shed light on a failed deal between the two that could have brought AAA exclusives to iOS devices. Microsoft had to come up with a workaround through web browsers to get xCloud to Apple devices.

However, in Sony’s case, it seems like they moved on and a mobile version of PlayStation Now that could give mobile gamers access to some great PlayStation games never really went past the planning phase. On the bright side, Sony did announce their plans of bringing their games to mobile earlier this year and also revealed that it wants to introduce the PlayStation IP to mobile, so it looks like they’re back at it again. 

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