Sony is planning to port the PlayStation IPs on mobile devices

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Sony’s PlayStation Studios are currently looking to hire someone for a senior position titled Head of Mobile that will help the development and porting of some of the best PlayStation IPs to the mobile platform. According to the job listing shared on ResetEra, the role of Head of Mobile will be based out of San Mateo, California, and will help in promoting the vision, mission, strategy for mobile game development within PlayStation Studios.

According to the listing,

“As Head of Mobile, you will own and develop the mobile games strategy for PlayStation Studios and help build a foundation for future growth opportunities.” Other than the expansion of mobile game development, the job also requires “a focus on successfully adapting PlayStation’s most popular franchises for mobile.”

The monitoring time frame will delay the release of any potential PlayStation game on mobile

The job listing also stated that the Head of Mobile will work closely with the PlayStation Studios Leadership Team in order to create a roadmap for a “3-5 year time frame”, which sadly means we likely won’t be seeing any new mobile game from PlayStation any time soon.

Over time the mobile gaming industry has grown massively to become a multi-billion dollar sector in gaming and because of this, large and successful game developing companies are flooding in to take advantage of the soaring success the platform has been showing.

Some console game developers are already taking advantage of the mobile platform before PlayStation

Among the major console game developers, Nintendo is one of the handfuls of console developers that also operate on the mobile platform due to a partnership with Niantic after their famous hit with Pokémon Go and are currently working on a new Pikmin AR game. Other Third-party console publishers such as Activision have also experienced massive hits on mobile with the release of Call of Duty: Mobile. Blizzard also has several projects in the works for the mobile platform in the coming years.

Games to expect from PlayStation Studios on mobile

While the news of PlayStation hiring a Head of Mobile in hopes of bringing some of its best games to the handheld device, it remains to be seen the exact kind of games that PlayStation will allow mobile users to enjoy when the time comes.

PlayStation is known for offering exclusive games combined with DLC (Downloadable Content), and given their strict focus on popular blockbuster titles for heavy consoles like the PlayStation 4 and 5, it’ll be very interesting to see what plans they have in store for the mobile platform.

Are you excited to hear the arrival of PlayStation IPs on mobile platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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