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Soul Knight Arena is an upcoming 2D battle royale title based on the popular franchise

Get ready for a 2D battle royale!

Soul Knight Arena is an upcoming 2D battle royale action title from indie developer ChillyRoom. The game features pixel-style graphics, quick matches, and characters with special skills in a big map. Based on the popular Soul Knight franchise, the title will deliver an ultimate battle for the battle royale fans. The developer, though, didn’t confirm any date for the title to be released in the stores.

Developer ChillyRoom is an indie game studio based in Shenzhen, China. The studio has several popular titles in their bag including Soul Knight, Otherworld Legends, and We Happy Restaurant. The latest title from the studio was Soul Knight Prequel just launched globally last month.

Soul Knight Arena features 2D graphics and intense action animation in a revamped pixel-style world

The gameplay of Soul Knight Arena will be shorter but more intense as there will be ferocious bosses with high capabilities to challenge you while running for the safe zone. Besides, other players will also cause you trouble in your way towards being the last standing person in the arena.

Soul Knight Arena gameplay
Image via ChillyRoom

At first glance, the game looks like pixel art but the graphics are improved and give a smooth transition in every action and movement. The game claimed its map to be “big and pluralistic“.

Players can start teaming up and prepare for the battle ahead

The team size is small in Soul Knight Arena. You’ll fight in squads consisting of 3x players. The map will be small, and so will the player numbers. Because quick and direct entertainment is to be experienced from the title. Only a total of 33x players can join a match to ultimately win the championship of the battle royale.

Soul Knight Arena cover, it is an upcoming 2D battle royale title
Image via ChillyRoom

The characters featured in the game will possess several unique skills and abilities and you can choose your playable one based on your preferences. Soul Knight Arena is available on TapTap now and is expected to arrive on Google Play and App Store soon. So, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to try the game.

What are your thoughts on Soul Knight Arena an upcoming 2D battle royale title based on the popular franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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