Soul Knight developer ChillyRoom is working on 2 new mobile games

2 new games from the Soul Knight developers

There’s exciting news for Soul Knight and RPG mobile gaming fans as Li Zeyang, the CEO of ChillyRoom, confirmed on TapTap Presents 2021 that the company is working on two brand new mobile games. One of the new games is an unknown title set in the Soul Knight universe while the other is a mobile real-time strategy game titled Xeno Command

Soul Knight universe is expanding with the new title

Soul Knight was a highly popular top-down action game released in 2017. The game grossed over 50 million installs from Google Play Store and was a smashing hit in the mobile gaming community. This newest installment will be a 2.5D role-playing video game themed in a much earlier time from the original Soul Knight.

This game also features a main storyline for players to progress. The main story will help fans understand more about various Soul Knight characters and add more depth to the Soul Knight lore. 

Soul Knight by ChillyRoom

The main aim for players in the game has been stated to restore order and peace to the Soul Knight continent. The game will allow players to collect and use rare items, customize their characters before every major battle.

The players can combine these items to create new unique items while exploring the continent as well as during battle. Li Zeyang also said the game would feature numerous easter eggs for returning players to find.

While the name of the title is still unknown, the Chinese translation says it could be something similar to Vigor Knight or Vitality Knight

Xeno Command takes heavy inspiration from Kingdom Rush series

Xeno command on the other hand is a mobile real-time strategy game that looks straight out as futuristic. It is the second game that ChillyRoom is working on alongside the new game based on the Soul knight Universe. Although no information is provided except a brief video, it seems the game is heavily inspired by the famous Kingdom Rush series by Ironhide Games.

If the success of Soul Knight is anything to go by, gamers could be in for something extremely promising and thus have much to look forward to from both games.

Are you excited about the two new mobile games from Soul Knight developer Chilly Room? Do let us know in the comments below.

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