Ironhide Game Studio interview reveals the studio’s future plans

GamingonPhone had the chance to interview with the Community Manager of Ironhide Game Studio, Ms Victoria De Lima to know more about the studios current and future plans. We asked a few questions regarding the Kingdom Rush games and plans for the future of the studio. Let’s get started with the interview.

About Kingdom Rush and future plans

GamingonPhone: When can we expect the next Kingdom Rush game?

Ms Lima: We would really love making a new sequel for this game but we don’t have a time-frame yet.

GamingonPhone: How long does it take to build the typical Kingdom Rush game from start to finish?

Ms Lima: Our games take about 2 years to complete, from the original concept until delivery.

GamingonPhone: Do you have any plans for diversifying your game portfolio?

Ms Lima: Right now our IPs are with two very different game genres, but we would really like to broaden the game portfolio and add new styles.

Ironhide Games Studio Kingdom Rush Vengeance
Kingdom Rush Vengeance Game

GamingonPhone: Can you give us a sneak peek of any new features in upcoming games?

Ms Lima: Unfortunately, we currently don’t have any sneak peeks to share, but soon there will be exciting news!

GamingonPhone: A commonly requested feature (in the reviews) is an endless mode for casual play, do you have any plans to implement such a feature in future releases?

Ms Lima: We are aware of that, and we always try to listen to our community but unfortunately it’s not something we can see happening in the near future.

Snippet of Kingdom Rush game

GamingonPhone: The monetization model of the Kingdom Rush series has caused some backlash from the Android community, do you have any plans to change it in the future?

Ms Lima: In spite of some comments, our games are designed to be completed without having to buy any extras and our monetization model takes that into consideration. The extra content is just that, extra, you don’t have to buy it to have a good experience of the game.

About Iron Marines

Ironhide Game Studio Iron Marines
Iron Marines game

GamingonPhone: Will we see more Iron Marines’ games in the future?

Ms Lima: We may, but, at this point unfortunately we don’t have information we can share in regards to this. As a personal note, I would love to see more Iron Marines in the future.

GamingonPhone: A real-time-strategy game based on Iron Marines would be awesome, is this a possible consideration for the future?

Ms Lima: Well, Iron Marines is a RTS already.

Snippet from Iron Marines game

As a fan of every single Kingdom Rush game, we all look forward to whatever they make. If you like single-player strategy games, we highly recommend checking out the Ironhide Games Studio Page.

Did you find our interview with the Ironhide Game Studio helpful? If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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