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Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe is working on a new mobile game

Something great in store from the makers of Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley, an indie farming game was released back in 2016 and since then has gained millions of downloads across platforms. This highly popular game has an iOS and Android version as well. The game is praised for its relaxing and enjoyable role-playing experience as you grow your farms and go on many adventures. Now the game’s developer, Erik Barone (aka ConcernedApe) definitely has something planned to make a new mobile game and it would probably be a hit among players of Stardew Valley. While he hasn’t said much about it, recently during the inaugural Stardew Valley Cup, he has hinted towards an upcoming title and confirmed a crucial detail about that new game.

A completely new game that will not be a sequel to Stardew Valley

Barone has further said that he has been working on something “completely new” and that he would be making an announcement about it fairly soon. The upcoming game will be similar to Stardew Valley in terms of the visuals, having a similar top-down view but the big reveal was that it won’t be related to farming at all! The game is apparently still going to be “kind of similar to Stardew Valley” but by no means can be considered a sequel to Stardew Valley.

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Image via ConcernedApe

That thing is simply not in the cards for ConcernedApe. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best news for Stardew Valley fans who were hoping for a sequel but it would also be interesting to see where ConcernedApe goes with this new game. Furthermore, Erik Barone clarified that he doesn’t have any involvement with Chucklefish’s upcoming game called Witchbrook (Chucklefish is the publisher of Stardew Valley) either. So that creates an excitement as now we don’t have much idea of what he’s planning to release.

Final Thoughts

However, whatever the game we might be getting in the coming days, ConcernedApe definitely has something exquisite planned, and hopefully, more details will be out soon. Moreover, it is often harder for Indie developers to push out games since they usually operate solo or in a small group and put in a lot of effort. So fans might have to wait a bit depending on what stage of development the game is at before jumping onto the fun and excitement of playing that game.

Are you excited about the new mobile game from Stardew Valley developer ConcernedApe? Do let us know in the comments below.

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