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Stardust League is an upcoming PVP-focused Genshin-like Anime RPG that enters pre-registration on Android

The game is now open for pre-registrations via Google play.

Stardust league is an upcoming PvP-focused anime RPG developed by Stardust League that has reportedly entered pre-registration for Android. Apart from Android, the game will also be available on Steam for players to access. The game has very similar looks and features as that of Genshin Impact which has been a great success since its launch in 2020, how closely Stardust League would be able to emulate the success of Genshin Impact will be interesting to see.

Stardust league offers a story-based cosmic adventure

The game offers a PvP experience where players get to test their mettle against other players in the game and become the champion of Laniakea. Fight it out in 1v1 mode or join a team and embark on a road to mayhem! Combine your spells and attack skills to create fast-paced insane combos, driven by real-life physics-based concepts.

Stardust League upcoming RPG, Stardust League
Image via Stardust League

The aim of the game is to assemble your squad or take on the enemies alone and stop the spirit invaders, who are the virus-like invaders responsible for corrupting so many other worlds, no matter what you do you will need to stop them before they corrupt your world too. The game is set in a fictional sci-fi fantasy-themed world, Stardust League takes you on a journey across dimensions, a journey against time where you will have to give everything to save everything.

Engage in an MMORPG experience with PVP gameplay elements

The game gives both MMORPG and PvP experience to the players and being an RPG the options you get in customization are unparalleled you can customize your character beyond the limit and make it look just the way you want.

The environment in which the game sets in allows players to explore the beautiful new lands as you light up the fire of Laniakea in each realm to restore order to chaos. All in all the game offers a very big diversity of side quests and a campaign mode with an enthralling storytelling experience.

Interested Android players can pre-register and access the game through the official Google Play account. Additionally, users can follow the game’s official Discord and Twitter page for further details.

What are your thoughts on Stardust League an upcoming RPG entering the pre-registration stage for Android? Do let us know in the comments below!

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