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Street Fighter: Duel x Devil May Cry collaboration brings new event and rewards

Claim Dante and defend the world with his demonic power!

A CAPCOM-licensed RPG mobile game with over 4 million downloads, Street Fighter: Duel will bring back many pleasant memories. Street Fighter: Duel’s publisher, A PLUS JAPAN INC, has revealed a brand-new collaboration event with Devil May Cry.

Street Fighter: Duel is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese on the Appstore and Google Play. Players will receive “Special Summon Tickets” from this event, and they can use them to unlock the well-known devil hunter, Dante, randomly.

Heroic devil hunter Dante joins the fight in the Street Fighter: Duel x Devil May Cry collaboration event

Dante is a unique and complex character that can change into a powerful demon and cause enormous AOE damage to opponents. His super and passive abilities can also alter depending on Dante’s form in Street Fighter.

Street Fighter Duel Devil May Cry collaboration
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Additionally, his EX-Move “Power Smash” can harm every foe while forcing the front row of the opposing team to switch to the back row. Additionally, during the collaboration, the EX-Move Power Smash will be accessible in “EX-Move learning.”

Collect Demon Soulstone and win exclusive rewards during the event

Players can acquire “Demon Soulstone” during the “Devil Invasion” collaborative event from May 11 to May 24 by completing certain objectives. Nico’s store accepts these stones in exchange for gifts like the “Strongest Demon Hunter” avatar frame. Players can also do other activities in the “Agency” to get rewards from treasure chests. Players can unlock more valuable rewards as they complete more tasks and advance in level.

Street Fighter: Duel Devil May Cry collaboration
Image via Crunchyroll Games

Furthermore, players can find “Demon Star” in the “Agency” and by exploring. Nico also has a tool that, when used to improve a player’s modules, may turn demon stars into module materials at predetermined intervals, increasing their power. Players will receive extra awards based on their standings after each challenge during the event, and there will be individual and guild leaderboards.

What are your thoughts on Street Fighter: Duel x Devil May Cry collaboration event? Mention your thoughts in the comments below.

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