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Summoners War Holiday 2022 Updates brings new Dungeons, Raids, and more across its titles

It’s a wonderful time of year to be a Summoners War fan!

Summoners War: Sky Arena, Summoners Wars: Lost Centuria, and the recently released cross-platform mobile and PC MMORPG, Summoners War: Chronicles, are set to receive Holiday 2022 updates to celebrate the festive season. A formidable dragon raid boss, a new Assassin-type monster, two new PvP modes, and other gifts were added to Summoners War: Chronicles on December 8 by Com2uS, a top global game developer and publisher. On December 22, a new raid, dungeon, and monster will be added to the mix as part of yet another content update.

Summoners War: Sky Arena, the series’ defining RPG, is having a limited-time winter event from now until January 1, 2023.  Obtain Christmas decorations across various game modes to trade for priceless goodies and summon the Puppeteer, a new monster. On December 9, the real-time battle strategy game Summoners War: Lost Centuria welcomed Luna as a new monster.

Summoners War Holiday 2022 Updates bring exciting content for fans of the franchise

The Holiday updates will feature the following new content across the Summoners War titles:

  • Summoners War: Chronicles
    • New Raid Boss: Naraka – This ferocious dragon unleashes a deadly damage-over-time attack and attacks players’ seal stones from the sky. The stones are the only things protecting players from Naraka’s ultimate attacks; protect them and stand strong with fellow raiders.
    • New Monster: Raven – A deadly Assassin-type monster, Raven’s versatile damage changes under different attributes. Awakened to Fire, Raven’s strikes can ignore enemy defenses, while other forms deal with Frostbite explosions, reduce skill cooldowns, and more.
    • New PvP Modes – Test your mettle in Brawl Arena’s real-time, 1v1 battles against other Summoners, or race to gather valuable Sky Stones in 9v9 Battlefield team battles
    • Holiday Events – Play the event dungeon to collect event currency that can be exchanged for items.
    • Coming Soon – Thrilling PvE content comes to town later this month with a new raid, dungeon, monster, and more dropping on December 22.
Summoners War Chronicles holiday updates
Image via Com2us
  • Summoners War: Sky Arena
    • New Monster: Puppeteer – By boosting attack power, removing enemies’ special effects, and stunning foes, Puppeteer is a master of crowd control and pulling the strings of any engagement. Try out this orchestrator of destruction in a new monster battle training ground.
    • Deck the Halls – Play Kairos Dungeon, Raid, Scenario, and other game modes to nab Regular and Golden Christmas Decorations. The more players collect, the more Christmas Packages with valuable resources they stand to earn. Plus, enjoy the gift of quality-of-life improvements throughout the game, like better UIs for Transmog and Gem/Grindstone Management.
Summoners War Sky Arena holiday updates
Image via Com2us
  • Summoners War: Lost Centuria
    • New Monster: Luna – An original character new to the Summoners War franchise and only available in Lost Centuria, Luna’s incredibly potent multi-target healing makes her a Legendary monster. Gather moonlight to recover the HP of the two allies most in need, and charge even more moonlight to dispel harmful status effects.
Summoners War Lost Centuria holiday updates
Image via Com2us

That was all about the Summoners War Holiday 2022 update.

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