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Summoners War Chronicles Guide: Tips to beat the Naraka Raid Boss

Beat raid boss Naraka easily!

Summoners War: Chronicles has released its newest raid, Elite: Boiling Waterfall today. With this raid comes new mechanics, yet to be used in the previous two Elite Raids. In addition to the new monster, Raven, there’s more information to beat the Naraka Raid Boss and make this raid quick and easy to conquer in Summoners War: Chronicles. 

How to beat the Naraka raid boss in Summoners War: Chronicles

1. Understand the Skills of Naraka

A majority of Naraka’s skills will remove beneficial effects from targets. This means the same method for the Elite: White Shadow Castle Raid will not work. Like most raids after Elite: Foggy Prison, Naraka’s raid is a damage race. If Naraka manages to get his ultimate skill, he will wipe the raid. No mechanic will save a player at that specific point.

Summoners War: Chronicles Naraka Raid Boss
Image via Com2us

A cleansing monster or Summoner like Kina is needed to clear this raid. Naraka’s Dragon Breath debuff will stack on the player. As the debuff continues to build up, players will notice themselves taking more and more damage from the boss, eventually leading to death. This raid can be extremely easy with the right monsters to assist you.

2. Choosing the Correct Monsters

The Elite: Boiling Waterfall raid isn’t a hard raid with the correct monsters on your team. Players will need a Remove Harmful Effect monster. This is the main mechanic of the raid. If Naraka’s Dragon Breath reaches seven stacks on any player during the raid, it will trigger his skills, causing more damage to the party. The easiest Remove Harmful Effect monsters to work on are Rina, Lulu, and Anavel.

Summoners War: Chronicles Naraka Raid Boss
Image via Com2us

While Anavel is a five-star monster and difficult to acquire. If Summoners War: Chronicles continues to follow the KR version, it’s believed that Anavel will be the next monster in the battle pass. In addition to monsters that remove harmful effects, monsters that can deal with AoE (Area of Effect) CC abilities have proven useful. At a certain point in the Elite: Boiling Waterfall raid, Naraka will summon monsters that have a large shield on themselves.

To remove this shield, players must hit the monsters with Crowd Controlling effects such as StunFreezeSlow, and Root. Many, players can burst down the monster waves without much issue, thus this precaution may be able to be bypassed.

3. Beating the Boss 

Lastly, the Elite: Boiling Waterfall raid is a race against the clock. Monsters and players need to strive to beat the boss before he reaches his ultimate skill. Many players have been building assassin monsters for this raid along with strong single-target damage monsters to burn the boss’s health down quickly. It is ideal for players to make sure they have a maximum amount of damage while still being able to apply the correct debuffs to the boss like defense break and damage taken up.

What are your thoughts on our guide to beating Naraka raid boss in Summoners War: Chronicles? Let us know in the comments below!

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