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Summoners War: Lost Centuria kicks off its one-year anniversary celebrations

Players can claim the New Light Hero Monster, Renée, obtain new "Magic Powder Dust" currency and enter a contest to win Physical Prize rewards!

Com2uS, the developer of the globally beloved fantasy RPG franchise, Summoners War, has announced that it will launch a series of in-game events to celebrate the upcoming one-year anniversary of the real-time strategy game Summoners War: Lost Centuria.

As part of the early celebrations, players can now add a brand new Light Hero Monster, Renée, to their rosters and acquire a new currency called Magic Powder Dust. Additionally, players can enter to win physical prize rewards, such as an iPad Pro, Apple Watch (7 Series), and an AirPod Pro.

Summoners War: Lost Centuria: Early One-year Anniversary event brings lots of rewards for players

New Ancient Rune System

The latest update introduces a brand new Ancient Rune system, which provides players with stronger Monsters and deck combination strategy. The system has a variety of set effects that can increase the attack, defense, and HP of allies located in the same row as the selected monsters. In addition to existing general runes, it can be installed into the newly added ancient rune slots, allowing up to two set effects to create various strategies and variables. 

New Currencies, “Magic Power Dust” and “Ancient Crystals”

Players can produce the Ancient Rune using a new currency, “Magic Power Dust,” which can be obtained by completing daily quests and world tournament victory rewards. 

The “Ancient Crystals” can be obtained through season tally rewards and specific-ranking rewards of World Tournament. It allows users to use “Reappraisal” and “Enchantment Reset” features to customize and upgrade ancient runes, providing more fun in collecting and growing monsters.

Players can also exchange the new currency for “LCT” tokens, which are unique tokens for Lost Centuria, and C2X tokens through the digital wallet C2X Station. Players will be able to participate in the C2X ecosystem in global regions, with the exception of some countries, such as Korea. For more information on the implementation of these new currencies, players can watch the guide video here

Early Anniversary Event

In honor of Summoners War: Lost Centuria’s first anniversary, players can obtain a new currency called Magic Powder Dust by playing the main content in the game until March 31st, 2022. Additionally, players can earn a chance to receive the new currency by playing the Ranking Battle mode. Those who participate in the mission for more than 3 days during the event will be rewarded “Premium Skill Stone Summon.” 

Summoners War: Lost Centuria anniversary event
Image via Com2uS
  • Obtained “Magic Powder Dust” will be available after the event period.  
  • Using the new currencies, “Magic Powder Dust” and “Ancient Crystal,” players can create a stronger monster and deck combination. They will be exchangeable for “LCT,” a digital token unique to Summoner’s War: Lost Centuria, through the C2X Station, an electronic wallet, following an upcoming update.

In-Game Rewards and Physical Prizes

Players who invite more than five friends to download Summoners War: Lost Centuria will automatically be given a chance to enter a contest, and the top ten finalists will be rewarded with prizes including an iPad Pro, Apple Watch (7 Series), and an AirPod Pro, along with “Magic Power Dust.” Lastly, players who can achieve Summoner level 3 or higher will be provided with a “mystery book” that can summon various monsters.

New Monster ‘Renee’ and new spell ‘Steal’

Players can now add Renée, a Light Hero Monster, to their roster of Monsters to deploy in battle. With her “Magnetic Field” skill, Renée can grant a shield to an ally. After, she inflicts damage proportional to DEF to an enemy in an opponent’s hand. Lastly, with her passive skill, “Recovery Module,” she can recover HP by 5% every ten seconds and grants a shield equal to 30% of the reduced HP when inflicted with skill damage. 

Players can participate in a Special Summon Event to celebrate the arrival of Renée and add her to their squads by completing several Special Summons. A new Spell Steal has been added that transfers beneficial effects granted on enemies to the allies in the same position and recovers the HP of all allies.​

Are you excited about the upcoming Summoners War: Lost Centuria One-year anniversary event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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