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Summoners War: Sky Arena Reloaded update brings new Monsters, Dungeons, and Runes in the game

Com2uS has released a brand-new, game-altering update for the venerable fantasy RPG series’ main game, Summoners War: Sky Arena. Summoners can refine their Monsters and add to the extensive, well-liked content in Summoners War: Sky Arena Reloaded update.

Over the previous nine years, Com2uS’ popular franchise has amassed over 190 million downloads and expanded into a multi-media worldwide brand. The latest big update to the expansive RPG game adds new monsters, Runes, and dungeons.

Key Highlights of Summoners War: Sky Arena Reloaded update

Details on the new Monsters, Dungeons, and Runes update and in-game updates are below:

New Monsters

Take control of the battle with Asura and Indra, two fresh monsters with distinctive skill sets. Asura, the four-armed god, concentrates on several hits, while Indra assumes an enhanced form and uses his lightning skill to attack the foe. Use “Special Summon,” which increases the likelihood of summoning 2 monsters more frequently.

New Runes and Revamp

Rune Enhancement now has a 100% probability with cost increasing according to the expected value. Obtain Essence of Runes and combine them with others to create new Legend grade Runes. Intangible Runes from the new Abyssal Floor round out the kit, while Seal Rune sets can be obtained in the Spiritual Realm.

New Dungeons

With 1 to 10 floors and a mid-boss, the Spiritual Realm has been introduced to Cairo’s Dungeon and is now accessible to summoners. The wind attribute of the Spiritual Realm stops monsters from repeatedly damaging you or being used repeatedly.

Summoners War: Sky Arena Reloaded update
Image via Com2uS

Players can find the previously dropped Fight, Enhance, Accuracy, Determination, and Tolerance runes as well as the recently added Seal Runes in the dungeon. The Abyssal Floor in Cairo’s Dungeon is now accessible and will be refreshed on a seasonal basis, where Summoners can obtain the Intangible Rune as a unique reward.

Battle System Improvements

Unify attack gauge conditions with an additional turn or utilize Absorption to decrease the remaining gauge and increase by the reduced value. Players can find additional information about Summoners War: Sky Arena by visiting the official website here.

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