Super Mario 64: The iconic game is now playable on mobile though a web app

The beloved game on your web browser

The classic Nintendo arcade game Super Mario 64, much loved by OG gamers who’ve been around since those days has now been available for multiple platforms, including mobile, for a while now and is still played by speedrunners and gamers who want to go back in time. 

How to play Super Mario 64 on mobile

The game is available on most if not all devices that have web browsing capabilities. This has been made possible by a web app that basically allows you to run the game on a web browser. It’s a pretty cool project and it isn’t just a shortened version.

Instead, it’s the whole deal complete with cutscenes and the ability to save progress. The game is available on both iOS and Android but there’s a catch. On mobile, you can only use a controller to interact with the game. Touch controls aren’t available (yet). 

Super Mario 64 mobile
A glimpse from the much-beloved game

Now, this isn’t an official project and Nintendo is notorious when it comes to taking down fan-made projects. So they might drop the ball at any time on this project too and get it taken down. However, it’s still pretty cool that this game is like a relic from the earlier years of gaming.

Granted that this game isn’t the most complicated to run at this point in time, especially since even basic and entry-level devices in comparison are light years ahead of the Nintendo 64 but still, having an opportunity to go back to a game like Super Mario 64 just through a browser is impressive. 

What would be even better than this would be if Nintendo themselves rebooted the game for mobile like they recently did for the Switch but with touch controls. But till that time we’ll have to make do with this.

Are you excited to play Super Mario 64 on your mobile or other devices? Let us know in the comment section!

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