Supercell shuts down Floodrush development failing to meet its quality standards

Another one bites the dust!

Discontinuation of a game’s development is not a new thing when it comes to Supercell titles. Yet again Supercell announces the shutdown of its latest strategy title in development, Floodrush. The game was announced back in May this year and within three months, the game’s fate has been decided.

Floodrush was Supercell’s take on the Battle Royale genre

The universe of Floodrush was not similar to the Clash universe. The game had new characters and a gameplay style. But the game’s concept was very similar to the basic concept of a battle royale title. As a player, you would be matched with 7 other players on an island to be the last man standing.

The game ran a limited open beta test from May 29th until June 7th. During that time, I played Floodrush and realized that although this title has all the basic charms of a Supercell game, it lacks the Supercell innovation that the company strives for. And I did mention that the shutdown will not be surprising if Supercell decides to go that way for Floodrush.

As a mobile game, Floodrush is not really a bad one, but it does not meet the quality standards for Supercell. In an official statement, the company mentioned,

Throughout the beta testing stage, we carefully analyzed every feedback message sent to us and identified several issues, either with gameplay mechanics, controls, character dynamics or artistic aspects, among others. We concluded that, to uphold Supercell’s standards of excellence, we needed to make extensive changes to the point that they would transform Floodrush into something too distant from our initial vision.

Floodrush cover, Floodrush open beta
Image via Supercell

Over the past few years, we have been Supercell has discontinued games on a regular basis such as Rush Wars, Everdale, Clash Quest, and even Boom Beach Frontlines, a title from Supercell’s partner studio. Whenever the company feels the game will not be a game that will played for years, it will be discontinued. And the case is also the same for Floodrush.

What are your thoughts on Supercell’s decision on the shutdown Floodrush development? Let us know in the comments below!

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