Supercell’s latest title Everdale was published with a different name earlier

The game was released last year under a different name- Valleys & Villages

Everdale, Supercell’s latest simulation title got released recently and is currently in a beta phase. But the Supercell released the game last year under a hood with the name Valleys & Villages, published by Osmium Interactive Pte. Ltd. as spotted by Kotaku. We can see only the tip of an iceberg relating to any game by big names. Many games get scrapped in the soft launch by failing to grab interest. Everdale was released under different developers and a different name so that Supercell can monitor the impact the game could raise.

Valleys & Villages was the previous different name for Everdale

The game Everdale was released last year under a different name by a different developer company. Everdale was released by the name Valleys & Villages by Osmium Interactive Pte. Ltd. The game was available both in the Google Play and App Store. The website of Osmium Interactive Pte. Ltd. is still on run and showcasing only one game, which is Valleys & Villages.

When we tried to look at the domain registration information, it seems the domain was first registered in May 2020 from the Southern Finland region (Etelä-Suomi). And this makes more sense as Supercell’s HQ is located in Helsinki which falls under this region.

Everdale fake name
The different company Osmium

Giant game developers, before releasing a new game worldwide, make sure that the game makes an impact on the community. So, to collect feedback, reactions from gamers, and the rate of acceptance among players, these companies often try several strategic moves to test the performance of their new product, the game.

When it comes to Supercell, the world-famous company that is behind titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, etc., the strategy makes more sense doing so. Everdale, Supercell’s latest release which is similar to Hay Day, was released just two days ago.

Unlike other titles, the game has a different focus as it does not has any clash or war to fight. Rather, it features calmer world-building-styled gameplay and cooperation among players. The relaxing game offers up to nine players to build a Valley Guild that helps all of the guild members to grow together. Sharing resources, building, and trading is the manner to live a happy life in Everdale.

What are your thoughts about Everdale being released under a different name by Supercell? Let us know in the comment section!

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