T3 Arena Season 4: Ice Fire update brings two new heroes, game modes and more

Exciting new things to see and explore in T3 Arena Season 4!

With the release of the Season 4 update of the hero shooter on December 22nd, things are heating up in T3 Arena. New heroes Zero-Kelvin and Vincent are introduced in Season 4: Ice Fire, along with brand-new events that allow players to gain rewards. Additionally, those that engage in a fight can try out the brand-new Arcade mode for even more great unlockables.

The T3 Arena Season 4 update introduces two new heroes, Zero-Kelvin and Vincent

An enormous athlete named Zero-Kelvin, a professional hockey player from Canada is featured in Season 4: Ice Fire. Zero-Kelvin uses his primary weapon, the Ice Blaster, to launch a sizable snowball at the enemy to block their strikes. However, the Arena has declared an ice emergency due to Kelvin’s shaky equipment. Players in Season 4 will need to bring the heat necessary to melt the ice and revive the city.

T3 Arena Zero-Kelvin Game Guide Cover
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In addition to Kelvin making his entrance, another hero will enter the arena. A deadly cane sword and a protective handgun are two different instruments in Vincent, a retired assassin spy’s Toolkit. Being a master of disguise, Vincent can blend in seamlessly with his active ability, making him very difficult to identify.

Season 4: Ice Fire update brings exciting new challenges, events, and rewards

Throughout Season 4, there will be many events that give gamers the chance to win a variety of prizes. The Ice Fire Festival is one of the key attractions. Each day of the festival, new challenges, minigames, and other content will become available. Players will receive awards and some surprises as they finish the event. The Triple Trophy Event, which will start on December 25th, is another occasion to keep an eye out for. Players may acquire as many as five Triple Trophy Cards each day during this event.

The Arcade is also introduced in Season 4. Players can earn a variety of prizes by participating in the arcade, some of which are exclusive and include Vincent, one of the newest heroes. Arcade Tickets can be redeemed by players to obtain rewards, including Legendary Crystals, which can then be exchanged for extremely uncommon items like Legendary Skins, Passive Abilities, and the protagonist Vincent.

Season 4 will also include some other upgrades, such as the new ranked mode for T3 Arena. Ranked Rewards will no longer require a rank or to fulfill particular criteria to unlock rewards. Players will receive Ranked Coins rather than Glory Points after winning ranked matches. A player will gain more coins as their ranking rises.

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